Jessup Launches School of Psychology

Expansion driven by a mission to integrate psychology with sound Christian principles and new academic delivery models

Jessup School of Psychology

William Jessup University is proud to announce the launch of its School of Psychology. The Department of Psychology has been expanding its program offerings for a number of years, launching multiple new delivery models at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels. The School of Psychology was launched in August 2020 in accordance with this expansion.

My professors have helped me learn more about myself, which in turn has given me new insights into others.”— Current psychology student

The mission of this new entity is to recognize that psychology, integrated with a seasoned, mature faith and anchored to sound Christian principles, can influence and guide the university, community, culture, and those who are preparing for the helping professions.

“We recognize that each student carries a vision into the future, beyond what they may even know, and it is the mission of this school to tap that potential and help them direct it toward a fulfilled life where they have the capacity to help others,” said Jeff Stone, Ph.D., Dean, School of Psychology. “We seek to model careful faith integration, where core beliefs confront the confounding and often confusing aspects of life. We consider this a privilege and a calling.”

“I am a completely different person since beginning this program 26 months ago,” said a current MACP graduate psychology student. “Thinking of myself as a therapist is amazing and such a privilege. I have grown personally so much. I see people and the world vastly different than before.”

The faculty in Jessup’s School of Psychology possess solid scholarship in their field, and each member brings a unique capacity to help round out the academic experience for students. Some of these unique contributions include expertise in the blending of biology and psychology, blending Biblical and psychological principles, sensitive attunement to evolving issues of cultural diversity, and sound clinical wisdom in the counseling professions. Each faculty member wrestles with the psychological complexities of life in light of God’s revelations and each carries this vision into the mentoring relationship with students. This unique blend of faith integration and scholarship sets the William Jessup University School of Psychology apart from similar university programs.

“My professors have helped me learn more about myself, which in turn has given me new insights into others,” said a current psychology undergraduate student. “No matter what career I pursue with my psychology degree, I will be bringing deeper interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.”

For more information about Jessup’s School of Psychology, please visit their program page.


Jeff Stone, Ph.D., ABPP
Dean, School of Psychology, William Jessup University
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