Join the machine shop revolution with KBC Tools & Machinery and Evolution!

KBC Tools & Machinery is now carrying and stocking the Evolution line of heavy duty Metal Cutting Power Tools made especially for metalworking in Canada and The US and featuring chop saws.

Now you can cut through mild steel up to 4 times faster, without heat build up or burrs…and less secondary re-work with KBC and Evolution’s Metal Cutting Chop Saws.

KBC stocks Evolutions’s 14″ and 15″ Cutting Chop Saws, (7.1/4″ model also available),  with a no load speed of 1550 RPM, a high torque motor, a cast aluminum base with integrated wear plate and bench mounting holes.  They also have a quick release vise with square threaded rod for clamping and 0-45 degree miter capacity, an attachable V shape block for clamping of round/square tube.  Chop Saws come complete with a 10 ft. power chord, base, clamp, and blade with fully hardened body plates and tungsten carbide teeth that generate almost no heat, sparks, or burrs – that keeps your teeth sharper for more cuts and a great workable finish.

Cutting capacity for the 15″ Chop Saw is 5″x5″ at 90 degrees, 3.1/2″x3.1/2″ at 45 degrees, 5.7/8″ round at 90 degrees, and 5″round at 45 degrees. Cutting capacity for the 14″ Chop Saw is 4.3/4″ x 4.3/4″ at 90 degrees, 3.1/2″x3.1/2″ at 45 degrees, 5.1 /8″ round at 90 degrees, and 4.1/8″round at 45 degrees.

These Metal Cutting Chop are portable with compact design, head lock down pin, and handle.  They have an easy to clean chip collection tray and a quick change blade with integrated tool storage.  The ambidextrous trigger allows use for both right and left handed workers.  Both models come complete with a 14″ for Mild Steel blade with 66 teeth and a limited 3 year warranty.

14″ Blades  are also available for the following materials: Stainless Steel with 90 teeth, Aluminum Steel with 80 teeth, Multi Material with 36 teeth.  A 15″ blade is available for Mild Steel with 70 teeth.

Faster, safer with less secondary process work…and at a great price from

Evolution has 25 years of metal cutting in The UK, USA, Canada, and more.

KBC Tools & Machinery has been providing the metalworking industry with the best tools at the best prices since 1965: cutting tools, indexable tooling, fluids, work holding, abrasives, measuring & inspection equipment, toolroom accessories, hand tools, shop supplies, power & air tools, and machinery.  KBC is proud to be a  certified WBE company in Canada and WBENC The USA.  KBC is one of the leading metal cutting tool and machinery catalogue houses in North America with 3 with showrooms in Canada: Mississauga, ON; Oldcastle, ON; and Delta, BC; and 4 in The U.S.A.: Sterling Heights, MI; Sterling Heights, MI Machinery, Elk Grove Village, IL; and Fullerton, CA; – All Metal…All The Time!

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