JUSTLAW Releases Definitive eBook guide to Prenuptial Agreements

A first of its kind. Sample clauses, how to have the conversation with one’s partner, a guide to enforceability and much more.

Let’s face it, marriage is tough. Over 50% of marriages in the United States end prematurely in divorce. And most divorcing couples report that financial issues are the top reason for conflict. Yet far too few couples take advantage of one simple and affordable tool they can use to help prevent these conflicts: the prenuptial agreement (“prenups” for short). Even many marital counselors will tell couples that a prenuptial agreement is an important instrument to help couples focus on tough financial conversations and to enter their marriage on open and honest terms.

Many couples starting a marriage naively think that prenups are for the rich and famous. But that’s simply wrong. A prenuptial agreement isn’t dependent on massive accumulated wealth or multiple homes. It’s just as effective and useful for those building their lives as it is for those with millions in the bank. Issues such as the payment of alimony at separation, mediation vs litigation, and even the care of pets can be predetermined in a prenup. And perhaps the most valuable benefit of entering into a prenup doesn’t even appear in the “four corners” of the document – negotiating this agreement with a partner teaches one how to think about, and talk through, money issues as a couple, it helps one enter the marriage with a clear understanding and real peace of mind. These intangible benefits are perhaps the greatest reason that couples with prenups tend to have more successful marriages.

And thanks to JUSTLAW, it’s now easier than ever to get a prenup. For a limited time, the company is offering it’s custom-drafted prenuptial agreement at a promotional flat-rate of $529. And they’ve even streamlined the process for getting the document started. Customers can submit an online form to initiate the process, or schedule a 30 minute phone consultation to kick things off. And after that, the first draft is typically ready in 48 hours. “They’ve really taken the brain damage out of getting a prenup,” says Paige K, a happy customer writing on Google reviews.

Consumers seem to be taking note. Company spokesperson Clara Adams notes “We at JUSTLAW have likely helped more couples across America successfully start their marriage with a fair, balanced prenup than has any other legal company.”

For those looking to learn more about prenups, how they work, what they look like and even how to talk to one’s partner about getting one, the company has published some incredible free resources on The Verdict, including that latest release, the industry’s most comprehensive eBook on the topic, which is available free of charge. To download a copy today, head over to The Verdict.


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