Justuno Launches All-New Conversion Automation Platform to Help Marketers Hit Their Goals

Top website conversion brand unveils completely rebuilt platform with custom automation and robust upgrades

Justuno, a leading website conversion optimization platform, announced the launch of their all-new product. Redesigned from the ground up, the new Justuno platform empowers marketers to automate complex website strategies for greater personalization and sales.

Justuno’s new platform emphasizes end-to-end optimization, elevating the website experience while reducing resource strain. Digital marketers are being asked to do more with less, making it more important than ever to have technology that makes it easy to do just that.

This product launch is a huge step forward in the website conversion market, with all-new features that are designed to elevate visitor experiences for every customer scenario possible. With the addition of automation to empower even more relevancy, Justuno’s newest platform makes it easier than ever to convert website traffic into customers.

Some of the new features introduced by Justuno include:

  • Modular workflow builder to create visitor experiences as advanced as email campaigns
  • A mini-CRM for advanced audience segmentation & data collection
  • Fully responsive design studio and expanded template library
  • Multivariate testing for faster optimization across a variety of elements
  • And many more.

Justuno’s co-founders, Erik Christiansen, and Travis Logan, said this on the release of the new platform:

“This new platform has been three years in the making and is our answer to the gap in the market for effective, practical tools for conversion optimization. What ESPs did for email marketing automation, we’ve built for the website visitor experience. The original pop-up tool is now the next generation of conversion automation – ready to power personalization, data collection, and scaling overall optimization efforts. We’re passionate about creating customer-centric experiences that convert and are so excited to go to market today with the most advanced conversion platform available.”


Justuno is the premiere website conversion platform, built to create long-lasting customer relationships, increase marketing ROI, and scale your business through tailored visitor experiences that convert. Justuno empowers marketers through automation, advanced analytics, and proprietary visitor tracking so they can provide customers with the ultimate online experience.

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