KC Life Counseling Introduces New Counseling Course For Families

The course focuses on nurturing open communication among family members and facilitating more interactions to achieve mutual understanding and closer bonds.

KC Life Counseling, a center that provides counseling courses using a variety of therapy treatments to individuals, couples and families has introduced a new family counseling course that emphasizes bridging mutual and communication gaps among family members. The course is for any family who wants to develop a wholesome, open-minded and accepting relationship.

Addressing problems that commonly beset families such as stubbornness, lack of open communication, unwillingness to forgive and forget, lack of understanding and respect for individuality, the counseling course seeks to provide effective solutions by understanding the specific dynamics of families and the nature of relationships among members. Involving the active participation of each individual, the counseling helps members to put the value of their family ahead of themselves by stressing on the lifelong value of family relationships.

Specializing in teen mental health and development, the counseling course emphasizes on helping parents understand the problems teens go through, enabling and encouraging them to  create a home where their kids feel open, accepted and well understood to share their insecurities and struggles. Teenage years are when individuals are confused about their place in life, their relevance and value to friends, peers and other groups they associate with. Teens can be vulnerable, with their ego and esteem easily hurt. Without adequate support and understanding from parents, bad experiences during these formative years can have long lasting undesirable effects later in life. The counseling course helps parents understand the proclivity and inclination of their teenage children and how to provide them with support while giving them enough room to grow and find their own identity. The counseling also acts as a third party for teenager to let out things they feel uncomfortable to share with parents.

During the introduction, owner Laurie Ward said, “Everyone can reach a new level of personal growth and development through therapy and can witness life changing results from practicing Positive Psychology skills. No matter what challenges you’re facing, whether they are serious or mild, trivial or urgent, counseling and therapy can help you overcome them”

About KC Life Counseling:KC Life Counseling has been providing counseling courses that use a variety of therapy treatments to help individuals, couples and families overcome their inner and external challenges. It is one of the most sought-after family counseling in Kansas City, Missouri.

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