Kinetic Technologies Announces Highly Optimized, Ultra-Low Power MST Hub with DSC Support, Elevating Productivity and Work-from-Home User Experience

New Video IC features High-Performance USB Type-C® / DisplayPort™ 1.4a Alt-Mode to Triple DP 1.4a / HDMI™ 2.0b (DP++) transmitters with USB Retimer, TCPM for Power Delivery & DSC 1.2 support

Power management and video/audio interface leader Kinetic Technologies is expanding its Smart Connectivity portfolio with the introduction of the KTM5000 product family: a single-chip, highly integrated, low-power and high-performance USB Type-C / DP 1.4a Alt-Mode MST HUB with three configurable DP 1.4a or HDMI 2.0b (DP++) outputs.

KTM5000 functions as a multi-stream audio-video splitter and protocol converter including HDCP 1.x/ HDCP 2.3 repeater, targeted primarily for Mobile PC docking stations, Displays, and Digital Signage applications, capable of supporting 25 or more daisy-chained monitors.

The KTM5000 family enters the market of DSC 1.2 (Display Stream Compression) enabling three 4K2K 60Hz outputs. The device was designed with optimal interoperability and backward compatibility with DSC 1.1. These features have been validated with all major Graphics Processing Platforms including NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080, AMD Radeon™ RX 5700 XT and Intel’s 11th generation Tiger Lake™ processors.

Its ultra-low power consumption of under 1W at the maximum video resolution supported (8K in DP out mode) or 3 x 4K2K 60Hz outputs (with DSC) makes it an ideal fit for the emerging travel dock, mini dock and docking station markets.

KTM5000 is part of a Thunderbolt™ 4 Multi-Port docking station reference design which passed Intel’s TCM (Thunderbolt™ Certification Manager) requirements. In addition, its MST interoperability with USB Type-C hosts enables fast and seamless adoption of systems that connect to the latest AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, and Qualcomm CPU powered notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

It can also function as a Type-C Port Manager (TCPM) and combines with Kinetic’s MCDP9000 or any external TCPC device to deliver up to 65W power, enabling fast charging of notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

Yehia Beydoun, product marketing manager of the Smart Connectivity division at Kinetic Technologies says, “Kinetic continues its leadership in the market with KTM5000, which integrates USB Type-C / DisplayPort 1.4 MST Hub with DSC 1.2 support, enabling three 4K2K 60Hz monitors from a single host. A KTM5000 reference design is available to speed up customer product development time, and incorporates Kinetic Technologies’ complementary high-performance analog power and high-speed audio-video processing products.”

KTM5000 is available and shipping now. Visit our Products website at Kinetic Technologies for more information.

Product features include:

  •     USB Type-C “Alt mode” compatible receiver / DP MST hub
  •     USB 3.1 ESS GEN1/GEN2 Re- timer: 5.0 Gbps / 10.0 Gbps pairs
  •     DP 1.4 RX PHY 1.62/2.7/5.4/8.1 Gbps/lane
  •     Triple DP++ TX PHY 1.62/2.7/5.4/8.1 Gbps/lane * 4 lanes each
  •     Video resolution up to 8K 30Hz (uncompressed); 8K 60Hz (compressed)
  •     HDR Image processing (Static and Dynamic HDR)
  •     DP MST routing / DP MST-to-SST conversion / DP-to-HDMI conversion
  •     Display Stream Compression (DSC 1.2) and Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  •     Pixel format conversion and Chroma down sampling
  •     HDCP 1.x/2.x repeater with embedded keys
  •     CEC Tunneling over AUX
  •     SPDIF / I2S 8Ch audio outputs
  •     249 LFBGA package / 12x12mm

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