Koubaien Unveils New Umeboshi Plum Products.

Koubaien has taken rather a bold step in processing the famous Japanese Umeboshi plum seasoning products for the US market. 

The new products, which are manufactured using original and authentic materials from Japan, are now available on the company’s Amazon listing and can be shipped to the rest of the world.

Top on the list is the Umeboshi plums 100% Kishu, packed in a 4.6oz (130g) container. 

The Umeboshi plum is an “old-fashioned” salty pickled plum made from Nanko plums grown in Kishu, Japan is famous for its highly sour and salty taste. The acidity in the product is so intense it could make your face pucker and lips crumple. 

Ume and Umeboshi are rich in potassium and manganese, which are essential in alleviating digestive issues such as bloating and dyslexia. 

The rich dietary fiber content in the ume plum adds bulk and roughage, which eases the motion of stool and prevents constipation. 

Photo: Umeboshi plums 100% Kishu

Second, on the company’s list of new products is the Umeboshi plums syrup that contains concentrated syrup extracted from the Nanko plums grown in Kishu, Japan. 

The syrup contains only sugar and apple cider vinegar, giving it high citric acid content; bringing many benefits such as a perfect remedy for insomnia and prevents tiredness.

It contains antioxidants that help protect the body against free radical damage, making it great for the skin and slowing down the natural aging process and also helps in improving the blood flow throughout the body.

The Umeboshi plum syrup features no food additives, making it gentle on the body. It can be significantly used in beverages, cocktails, and dessert toppings.

Photo: Umeboshi Plum syrup

Kobaien’s third product is the Japanese Umeboshi Plums, Plum Grasset “RUBIA”/ which are slowly ripened for months to achieve the perfect signature flavor.

The ingredients involved in making this fruity delicacy include plums, sugar, and Apple cider. 

Described as a plumaged dessert, the umeboshi plums can be enjoyed like a dessert.

Photos: Japanese Umeboshi Plums

The Organic Japanese Salty umeboshi plums with red shiso are fourth on the list that comes with a Red Shiso, a Japanese herb with many health benefits. 

The plums used to manufacture the product are organically grown and processed without synthetic compounds, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides. Instead they are made from veggies and fresh ingredients, making them optimally healthy.

The Red Shiso Japanese herb has been associated with many health benefits. It contains compounds that give it anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and antibacterial characteristics.

The spice’s ingredients also contain high calcium and carotene levels essential for respiratory tract health and asthmatic patients, improve immunity, and ease digestion.

The Shiso plum is additive-free and can be used with all kinds of gourmet dishes.

Photos: Organic Japanese Salty umeboshi plums

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