Lahore Sky’s Unfolding Saga of Success: Witness the Splendor of Lahore Sky Mall from Launch to Landmark

Looking for an all-in-one shopping and leisure hub in Lahore? Lahore Sky Mall, strategically placed on Ferozepur Road, is your go-to venue for premium shopping, diverse dining experiences, and luxury living. With everything from Direct Factory Outlet shopping opportunities to expansive residential spaces, Lahore Sky Mall defines a new standard of urban sophistication in Punjab.

Key Takeaways

  • Lahore Sky Mall is a modern real estate development in Punjab offering luxury living, shopping, and leisure with approval from the Lahore Development Authority and backed by reputable OZ Developers.
  • The mall includes a Direct Factory Outlet for discounted shopping, diverse food courts, entertainment options like the Australian Disneyland-inspired ‘Foodie Fun Land’, and a variety of living spaces including apartments and penthouses with premium facilities.
  • Strategically located with excellent connectivity to major city areas, Lahore Sky Mall provides a range of amenities, green spaces, healthcare facilities, security, and has flexible payment plans facilitated through CDB Properties.

Unveiling Lahore Sky: Luxury Living & Shopping Redefined

Lahore Sky Mall represents a new era of modern living in Punjab and is truly a sight to behold. With its luxurious lifestyle offerings and world-class amenities, it perfectly mirrors the grand scale of the project, promising an unmatched living and shopping experience. The Lahore Sky features further elevate the overall appeal of this prestigious development, and the Lahore Sky offers are not to be missed.

Offering amenities from a Direct Factory Outlet Mall and food courts to swimming pools and fitness facilities, Lahore Sky Mall caters to a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

Developer’s Vision: OZ Developers

At the helm of this grand project is OZ Developers, a construction and development company with a reputation for exceeding industry standards and delivering unmatched services. Their transformative vision and commitment to innovation resonate in every aspect of Lahore Sky Mall. From its state-of-the-art facilities to its modern living solutions, OZ Developers’ influence is unmistakable, promising a sound investment opportunity for both local and international clients.

LDA Approval and Compliance

Approval from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) further boosts investor confidence in Lahore Sky Mall. This regulatory endorsement affirms the project’s compliance with required standards, thereby offering buyers peace of mind knowing that their investment is in a sanctioned and legitimate real estate project.

The commercialization process of Lahore Sky Mall has been completed in strict adherence to LDA bylaws, making it a promising investment for those seeking to be part of the emerging Lahore smart city.

Lahore Sky Mall: A Shopper’s Paradise

A shopper’s paradise lies at the heart of Lahore Sky Mall. Featuring an impressive commercial hub that utilizes the Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) concept, the mall showcases a broad spectrum of national and international brands, offering a comprehensive shopping experience for all.

A myriad of versatile retail spaces, including boutique shops and specialty stores, provide shoppers with a diverse range of options at Lahore Sky Mall.

Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) Mall

The innovative Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) Mall, a standout attraction for visitors, is featured in Lahore Sky Mall. It offers a unique shopping experience with a variety of branded products at discounted prices. Offering shoppers the opportunity to purchase national and international branded merchandise at reduced prices all year round, the DFO Mall is expected to attract a wide array of businesses, further enhancing the shopping experience for visitors.

With its unique discounting strategy, the DFO Mall enables shoppers to enjoy significant savings on top brands throughout the year, positioning Lahore Sky Mall as the preferred destination for savvy shoppers.

Food Court and Entertainment Options

A rich array of restaurants and entertainment facilities further enhances the allure of the shopping paradise at Lahore Sky Mall. The food court offers a variety of dining options to cater to the tastes and preferences of visitors and residents.

The ‘Foodie Fun Land’ spans a vast 45,000 square feet area, designed to be a family-friendly zone for dining and entertainment. Inspired by the concept of Australian Disneyland, it houses five unique play zones for children, each offering a different theme, ensuring a fun-filled experience for the entire family.

Residential Spaces: Apartments, Penthouses, and More

In addition to its shopping and dining offerings, Lahore Sky Mall presents a diverse range of living spaces including apartments, penthouses, and commercial areas to accommodate various lifestyle needs. The apartments come with a vibrant ground-level plaza, terraces, private gardens, and balconies, alongside modern kitchens and panoramic views, offering residents a unique blend of comfort and luxury.

Apartment Types and Sizes

Apartments of various sizes are available at Lahore Sky Mall to meet the diverse needs of potential residents. They are designed with contemporary aesthetics in mind, featuring modern amenities and unique features such as private gardens and balconies.

These spaces offer residents the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle within a vibrant community, all while being surrounded by breathtaking views of the city.

Luxurious Penthouses in Lahore Sky

For those seeking an ultra-urban lifestyle, Lahore Sky Mall offers luxurious penthouses, meticulously crafted and situated on the dedicated 17th floor. These penthouses feature luxurious lounges with refined details, creating a space for noble and cultured leisure activities.

What’s more, residents can relax in specially designed outdoor seating zones that offer panoramic high-rise views of the surrounding cityscape, truly embodying the essence of luxury living with the cantilever and block design.

Prime Location and Connectivity

The strategic location of Lahore Sky Mall on Ferozepur Road, a critical thoroughfare in Lahore, enhances its connectivity and accessibility. Its prime location, adjacent to prominent residential areas like Palm City and Bahria Nasheman, ensures high visibility and effortless accessibility for both customers and businesses, making it an attractive destination for potential residents and investors alike.

Proximity to Key Landmarks

The appeal of Lahore Sky Mall is further enhanced by its proximity to notable landmarks. These include Central Park, Palm City, Grand Avenue, and DHA Phase 10.

Other key landmarks such as Dolmen Mall Lahore, National Hospital, and General Hospital are all within a 15-minute drive from Lahore Sky Mall, enhancing convenience for visitors and residents alike.

Transportation and Accessibility

The unparalleled connectivity of Lahore Sky Mall sets it apart. Located within a 4-minute drive from Gajumata metro bus station, residents and visitors have straightforward access to public transportation. Moreover, the Mall benefits from effortless ingress and egress through wide roads in Bahria Town Lahore and is easily accessible from Lahore Ring Road, one of the city’s major arteries.

From Lahore Sky Mall, it’s a quick commute to the Central Business District, Gulberg, Allama Iqbal International Airport, and DHA Phases 5 and 6, ensuring quick access to essential city zones.

Community Amenities and Green Spaces

Beyond luxury living and shopping, Lahore Sky Mall also fosters a vibrant community lifestyle. Boasting a 20 Kanal rooftop space designed for socializing and hosting events, it sets itself apart from other high-rise buildings in Lahore.

The complex includes a range of leisure facilities such as grocery stores, swimming pools, gyms, sauna, and spa, contributing to the entertainment options for the community.

Parks, Playgrounds, and Jogging Tracks

Tranquil green spaces for walks and family picnics within beautifully landscaped areas complement Lahore Sky Mall’s urban design, providing residents a peaceful escape from the urban hustle. Safari Park is an example of the parks available within Lahore Sky Mall’s vicinity, offering entertainment and a place for walking amidst nine different animal species.

Moreover, playgrounds and jogging tracks cater to fitness enthusiasts, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for residents.

Healthcare Facilities and Security

At Lahore Sky Mall, resident’s wellbeing is given high priority. Ensuring resident safety through round-the-clock security, complete with constant surveillance and monitoring, it offers a secure environment for families. Moreover, the Mall is well-prepared for emergencies with comprehensive fire safety measures and established emergency protocols.

It also provides medical facilities to ensure accessible healthcare for all residents, underscoring its focus on the health and well-being of the community.

Booking Process with CDB Properties

CDB Properties, a trusted name in the real estate industry, is the authorized sales partner for Lahore Sky Mall by OZ Developers. Recognized as the top seller for prominent projects like Bahria Sky, they guide clients through the installment process and align properties with their financial objectives, making them a reliable partner in navigating the Lahore Sky Mall investment process.

Expertise and Client Satisfaction

CDB Properties, one of the fastest-growing estate brokerage companies in Pakistan, contributes a wealth of experience and success to Lahore Sky Mall. Their commitment to delivering unmatched services and ensuring client satisfaction makes them a preferred choice for potential residents and investors.

With exclusive selling rights for commercial spaces within Foodie Fun Land at Lahore Sky Mall, they are well-positioned to guide clients through the investment process, especially for those seeking investment opportunities on the ground floor.

Flexible Payment Plans

To accommodate the different financial capabilities of potential buyers, Lahore Sky Mall offers tailored payment plans. From significant discounts for upfront payments to installment plans that split the total cost into manageable monthly payments, Lahore Sky Mall caters to diverse financial needs.

These tailored payment plans not only cater to the diverse financial needs of buyers but also serve as an incentive to invest in Lahore Sky Mall.


Lahore Sky Mall, developed by OZ Developers and marketed by CDB Properties, offers a unique blend of luxury living, world-class shopping, and a vibrant community lifestyle. With its strategic location, innovative design, and impressive amenities, it captures the essence of modern living in Lahore. Whether you’re a potential resident seeking a luxurious lifestyle or an investor looking for a promising investment opportunity, Lahore Sky Mall is your destination.

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