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Singapore-based Leak Content Removal helps you maintain a positive reputation with a suite of online reputation management services.

Maintaining a positive reputation online is challenging but totally possible with the best reputation management service available.

Many entities may need one or two services from an online reputation management company: influencers, celebrities, businesses, and even private persons. The type of service they can get depends on the problem at hand.

With the advancement of technology and the internet, it is hard to keep information and confidential things in private. You are in the right place if you need help keeping an image clear or maintaining a positive reputation. Read on to find out the available services from Leak Content Removal that may fit your needs.



The internet is a vast place where information about anything is available. Everyone can have access to it. That is why many people are utilizing it at their best for their benefit. However, since anyone can manipulate and contribute to it, some contents can be unreliable and biased. In comparison, some are not meant to be shared.

Content monitoring is the service of keeping track of unauthorized, malicious, and unreliable information and mentions of a name, either a person or an organization, on another online platform. This service monitors content that may carry adverse effects and untrue information.

The monitoring service covers all types of content: videos, photos, personal information, and online access. It can track through different social media platforms, messaging apps, search engine tools, and more.


Leaked contents are private and mostly stolen media that was shared on the internet without consent. These contents are confidential and not meant to be shared publicly.

This online reputation management service takes down leaked content over the internet by finding the stolen content and taking it down from the website which published it. You can make sure that no one else will ever see it again because along with this service is the removal of the content on search engines such as Google.

Leak Content Removal also offers monitoring services and the removal of leaked content to avoid the future appearance and resurfacing of the stolen content. This way, you can make sure that there will be no more leakage of that content ever again.


If you are a business owner or have your personal brand, reputation management will help you shape a positive online perception that benefits you.

Maintaining a good reputation is attainable by following who mentioned your name, product, or service that you offer on any social media platform. By keeping negative comments and reviews about your business and brand hidden or wholly removed from the internet, you can make sure that the public’s perception of you will remain positive and likable.


Anyone who rightfully owns the content has the right to process takedown notice. The owner can process the takedown notice to the website owner or online service provider for publishing the content without the knowledge or permission of the valid owner. Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA protects owners’ right to own the content and get all the credits for it upon publishing.

A DMCA Takedown Service removes the content from a website that published it without the owner’s permission. This service will help owners and creators keep their content on their website, page, or social media account from being stolen.

Revenge porn is the distribution of media that involves sexual activities or explicit content. It may be in the form of a picture or a video. The possessor can use this content against the owner or the person whose identity is recognizable on the media content.

Usually, the victim of revenge form is a female who does not know how to fight back. The remove revenge porn service is a powerful and essential service in the reputation management service because it allows the person to gain back the confidence to face publicly without worrying about anyone seeing their sexual images and videos.

A company mostly gains the customer’s trust through other customers’ experience on the product or service they offer.

While reviews can be authentic, some could be false, given by a malicious competitor or others who deliberately meant to cause harm. One bad review can bring a vast negative effect on your business sales. It can ruin the reputation of a specific product or service, and worst it can destroy the whole perception of the company.

Most people prefer to search for a company using Google, and read reviews submitted by others before making a decision. Everyone is indeed entitled to their own beliefs and comments, but a harsh and malicious wrong word should not ruin other people’s perception of your business because of a one-sided review. You can take down negative reviews on your business on Google and other review platforms with this online reputation management service.


Having a good reputation is a gem on the internet where everyone has so much power to share, comment and publish content. Take guard of your business, organization, or personal reputation against malicious content with the best reputation management service available for you.

Leak Content Removal is the World’s first female-led leaked content monitoring & removal company. Our team shares the same mission to give peace of mind to people like you by protecting your reputation. No matter where you are, regardless if you are an individual, content creator, business, or organization, as long as you need help protecting your online reputation, we will come to help.

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