Learning Space Race Game Teaches Times Tables

The newly released “TT Ultra” iOS Times Tables App uses a Space Race theme and learns children’s weak tables to help them practice more effectively.

Bit Loopy Games Limited has announced “TT Ultra”, its first edutainmentapp for Apple’s iOS platform. Bit Loopy Games was set up to bring innovative new games to market, but with the advent of the Covid-19 global lockdown, they decided to make their first release an app to help children with their education.

Built to help children with their times tables during the lockdown and beyond, the app was developed with the input of children in the 7-to-9 year age group. Working with the children has changed everything from the style of the game to the timer and the user interface.

Originally envisioned as a simple app to provide help quickly, it has bloomed into a much longer-term and in-depth project. The initial release includes a simple multiple-choice question format and choosing the correct answer gives the player’s ship a boost in the race to the planet. Get it wrong, and their ship is stalled for a short time. Either way, the correct answer is shown to allow the child to learn. When they do win the race, a new procedurally generated planet is created for the next, slightly harder race. Lose and there is a chance to replay the level.

The games take place over a set period and the timer has received special attention. Originally a simple countdown, it was changed after several children said they did not want the distraction and pressure of a ticking clock. Instead, a gentler timer was developed using coloured lights and the occasional chime. Similarly, after talking to their target audience, Bit Loopy added the skip-question and pause buttons.

Under the hood, the app is adaptive and uses each child’s answers to learn which questions and tables they find difficult. It will then gradually change the questions to allow the player to practise more effectively.

Parents are catered for with a series of built-in graphs showing them how their children are progressing, and this allows them to tailor the app via the selection of times tables and other options. Not only are the tables fully configurable but so are the questions via division, reversed, and missing place options. It is possible to change these settings per child via an in-app-purchase and then each have their own settings, app learning, and progress graphs.

The “TT Ultra” app is available now for free on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod from Apple’s App Store. It offers simple in-app-purchases for additional times tables, question options, extra players, and further graphs for parents. All purchases are safely behind a ‘parental gate’.

More details can be found at www.bitloopygames.com. Contact Bit Loopy Games by email at press@bitloopygames.com or contact@bitloopygames.com. Reviews are very welcome and Bit Loopy Games can offer promo-codes to review sites, bloggers, and similar professionals.

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