Local craft cannabis is boosting the market, says industry leader Davide Zaffino

ROSELifeScience introduces Québec’s first cannabis micro-producer

According to ROSELifeScience President & CEO Davide Zaffino, “The people of Québec deserve access to local craft cannabis products, which are remarkable.”

That’s the sentiment behind DLYS, a craft-cannabis brand collective recently launched by ROSE. And it’s working, says Zaffino. The initiative brings together Québec’s regional micro-producers in an effort to share resources and help bring local cannabis to the market.

“DLYS made all this possible,” added Zaffino. “From what we’ve seen so far, it’s been a success.”

Amos, developed by mindiCANNA out of Abitibi, QC, was the first product available under the DLYS moniker, launched in January 2021.

As founders, mindiCANNA’s Carl Richard and Daniel Lessard say they’ve been trying to get their products on Québec shelves for more than four years. Since working with Davide Zaffino and the ROSE LifeScience team, they were able to finally make the move in January 2021.

Lessard says, mindiCANNA knows how to grow cannabis here in optimal ways, and the group is elated to be the first micro-producer on the shelves. So much of this is because of David Zaffino’s team at ROSE and what they did with DLYS.”

Since January, two more local craft-cannabis products have been added to the DLYS portfolio.

“Some of these micro-producers are creating products that rival or even surpass major producers, and we’re determined to help them be seen,” Zaffino explains. “Sure, ROSE LifeScience is a producer of top-quality cannabis products. But, marketing and distribution services are core to our business. It’s part of our mission to help other producers reach their full potential — especially in Québec and especially for Québecers.

“This is how the industry is advancing in a responsible, community-driven way.”

Residents of Québec can now find mindiCANNA’s AMOS along with other DLYS products throughout the province. The next step is to take the brand collective throughout Canada and, one day, to the international market, says Zaffino.

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