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Close your eyes and imagine this scenario. You walk into a car dealership and you’ve picked out the perfect vehicle for you and your family. You complete the test drive and boy, does it drive smoothly! All you have to do now is run the numbers. After the dealership runs your credit and shops your score to 15 different banks (ouch), your interest rate comes out to be 17%! Your payment is more than you wanted to spend monthly and you leave the dealership heartbroken because: 1. Your credit was shopped to 15 banks and your score dropped drastically and 2. You didn’t drive off with the car you wanted so badly because your credit was less than perfect. Why was the interest rate so high? Can you believe this happened because you have bad credit? This happens more than you think. Not only does it happen with cars; it happens with mortgages as well. 34% of Americans have poor to fair credit scores. The team at Lock & Key Financial Services explains their process: “Our goal at Lock & Key Financial Services is to decrease that number, one client at a time. Our mission is to assist our clients with building their credit, equip them with the tools they need to maintain good credit, and help them unlock the door to their future! Our process is very simple. We speak to potential clients and identify the negative information affecting their credit. Once they’re enrolled in our program, we challenge any inaccurate and unverifiable information on their credit reports. We also construct a personalized action plan for each client and send them weekly credit education information and tips. We also work with individuals with student loan issues. We assist with consolidations, wage garnishment aid, loan forgiveness and much more!”

So how did Lock & Key Financial Services come about?

Akia Brown, the owner, went through some credit difficulties after a divorce. She reached out to a credit repair company in her hometown of Dallas, Texas, with hopes of becoming financially free of debt. She was disappointed after paying them so much money upfront, to not hearing back from the company after failed attempts. She was finally able to get on the phone with someone to cancel services. She then enrolled in a credit repair course and raised her score with the methods she learned. She was able to purchase a new home with her husband and she now helps others achieve the same goal! Lock & Key Financial Services was launched during the pandemic and has assisted many clients with becoming financially free with their credit repair services. Their clients have gone on to become homeowners and more financial literate when it comes to maintaining positive credit. Lock & Key Financial Services is accepting new clients. They have several packages to accommodate their clients’ needs!

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