London Aesthetics U.K. Welcomes Dr. Salma Merritt as CMO in Pakistan to Take On Its Patient Care and Doctor Training Programs

London Aesthetics U.K. is proud to announce the acquisition of its Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan operations by Dr. Salma Rashid. As the company’s new Chief Medical Officer (CEO), Dr. Salma is a highly respected physician who brings over 20 years of experience in the medical, functional medicine, regenerative medical fields, with a focus on ozone and IV rejuvenation therapies.

London Aesthetics U.K. is a leading aesthetic patient treatment center and doctor training academy based in London, England, with operations in Pakistan as well. It has trained thousands of doctors from Karachi to Islamabad. Those doctors who complete aesthetics certification are eligible to enter into its London training facilities for additional advance training. With the recent acquisition of the company, Dr. Salma and her team from the United States and Canada are introducing updated modalities to offer the latest in aesthetic treatments and technology.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Salma to our team,” said the founder Sobia Malik from the  London Aesthetics headquarters. “Her vast experience and expertise in the field of medicine in general along with aesthetics, ozone and other advanced training, makes her the perfect fit for our organization as we continue to expand our operations and enhance our patient care and training programs.”

Dr. Salma has dedicated her career to helping patients look and feel their best through safe and effective aesthetic treatments, which includes her program that includes a formula for significant weight loss that is sold throughout Canada, Australia and the United States. As Chief Medical Officer of London Aesthetics U.K., she will oversee all aspects of patient care and treatment, as well as the training of new physicians and medical professionals in the latest techniques and technologies in aesthetics, ozone, IV beauty therapies and more.

“I am honored to be joining London Aesthetics U.K. and look forward to helping them continue to provide exceptional patient care and training programs,” said Dr. Salma. “I am excited to introduce new modalities that will help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals in a safe and effective manner. I have observed in Pakistan, most aesthetics businesses are selling their service as if it’s a commodity that is for everyone. Our focus will be on not selling aesthetics care, which focuses on quantity; but instead, we will be focused on quality which means that many want to be patients will be turned away because they have lesser, more natural alternatives then coming to an aesthetician. This is an ethical consideration that is learned from western medical boards and groups.”

London Aesthetics U.K. is committed to providing their patients with the highest level of care and the latest in aesthetic treatments and technology. With the addition of Dr. Salma at its helm, they are well positioned to continue to expand their operations and provide even greater value to their patients and the medical community at large.

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