London Aesthetics U.K.’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Salma Merritt, MD, to Attend International Ozone Congress in Rostock-Warnemunde, Germany

London Aesthetics U.K., a renowned leader in the field of medical aesthetics, proudly announces that our esteemed “Dr. Salma,” has been invited to attend the prestigious International Ozone Congress in Rostock-Warnemunde, Germany. The congress, recognized as the world’s top conference on medical ozone therapies, will provide Dr. Merritt with a unique opportunity to engage with leading experts in the field and further enhance her expertise in medical ozone modalities.

As an accomplished medical professional dedicated to advancing holistic and preventative health care, Dr. Salma has continuously pursued advanced knowledge and training to offer cutting-edge treatments and therapies at London Aesthetics U.K. Her participation in the International Ozone Congress exemplifies her commitment to remaining at the forefront of the most modern advance therapies. Ozone therapy itself is documented as having immense efficacy in preventative and regenerative medicine as well as for treating a variety of ailments.

Dr. Salma - London Aesthetics U.K.

During the conference, Dr. Salma will be immersed in a comprehensive program featuring lectures, workshops, and hands-on training sessions conducted by the world’s top ozone specialists. This intensive training and certification will provide her with invaluable insights, enabling her to refine existing ozone therapies and explore innovative approaches to patient care.

“We are delighted that Dr. Salma has been selected to attend the International Ozone Congress,” said Usman Butt, Director of Pakistan Operations. “Her participation in this event highlights her exceptional dedication to improve her professional capacities in order to the most advanced medical treatments to Pakistan, U.S. and other places to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of preventative care.”

Dr. Farooq Azam, Chief Dental Officer states “We fully support Dr. Salma’s advanced training in Germany because we not only wish to bring the very best care and treatments to our patients, but we also have an obligation to bring the most cutting-edge medical modalities to train those doctors who come to our London Aesthetics Doctor’s Training Academy. Dr. Salma’s main mission is to bring this new and advanced expertise back to Pakistan first and provide patients a higher level of care, as well as to train doctors with these advanced modern medical practices.

As Dr. Salma puts it herself “in medical school and in the profession, we are taught that we work in a “health” care system. But at some point, we doctors come to see that we are only waiting for ailments to attack humans with diseases. So, in truth it’s a “disease care system.” I don’t like waiting for diseases or issues to come. I am committed to focusing on preventing diseases and maintaining good health, instead of reacting after the fact. To me, that is what a true “health care” doctor is, helping her patients to remain healthy or become healthy and maintain it.

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