LoopChat Opens up the College Circle for Users at Five Universities

The College Circle, previously in beta, was until now an invite-only feature.

Leading college social platform, LoopChat, has today opened its College Circle to all students from five universities. The universities are University of California at Santa Barbra, University of California at San Diego, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, University of North Texas, and University of California at Berkley.

This move marks the opening of the College Circle to all LoopChat users on the social platform at the five universities. The College Circle is a popular image-heavy social feed on LoopChat, where users share an image accompanied by a description of anything of interest to the college community.

“Opening up the College Circle to the large community of LoopChat users at these five universities is an important milestone for us,” said Kashish Juneja, the College Circle project lead.

“For a while, the feature was in beta, and users joined by invitation. The demand by our users to join the circle was off the charts, as word spread around. We are excited about opening up the College Circle to users at these five universities to start with. For other universities, access to the College Circle is delayed but not denied,” she added.

Since universities transitioned from in person classes last year due to COVID-19, many students have migrated to LoopChat where they join virtual communities, enabling them to connect, talk, engage and collaborate with other students. LoopChat empowers them to do that by providing robust easy-to-use features such as group messaging, direct messaging, voice chat rooms and now, the College Circle.

LoopChat’s mission is to bring secure community engagement around college campuses. The platform empowers university students to develop social virtual communities. The application is available on all mobile and desktop platforms. LoopChat is anchored on three core values which are ensuring privacy, building community and empowering diversity.

To learn more about LoopChat, visit www.loopchat.us

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