Luke Hyde Announces His Digital Marketing Program That Helps Small Businesses Grow Exponentially

The Innovative Program Teaches Small Business Owners Proven Digital Marketing Strategies Without Requiring A Lot Of Money, Time, Or Experience

Luke Hyde is pleased to announce The Small Business Digital Road Map which is designed to help small businesses grow exponentially.

To learn more about The Small Business Digital Road Map or to book a call for more information, please visit

As Luke knows firsthand, the world is becoming more digital by the day. To be as successful as possible, he said, small businesses should embrace the digital way of doing things.

His digital marketing program is ideal for owners of small businesses or team members who do not have a lot of money, time or experience.

“We understand that small businesses don’t always have a big marketing budget, and that’s okay,” Luke said, adding that with The Small Business Digital Road Map, small business owners will learn strategies that are either free, or much more cost effective than traditional forms of marketing or paying big monthly retainers to marketing companies.

And, because he knows that time is a valuable asset that should never be wasted, Luke was inspired to create a “no fluff” program that will teach small business owners exactly what they need to know to have a successful online marketing experience in the most efficient way possible.

The Small Business Digital Road Map covers a number of key topics, Luke said, including the importance of a strong digital foundation. This includes setting up a website, social media, Google My Business and more.

Luke also teaches the power of online advertising in the course, which he said is one of the best and most effective ways to generate customers for small businesses.

“Unlike billboards or TV ads, online advertisements can be laser targeted to show your ad to only those who would be your ideal client; this leads to a higher conversion rate and a lower overall cost,” he said, adding that he also discusses email and text marketing and social media.

Luke is also excited to offer an exclusive bonus to people who sign up for The Small Business Digital Roadmap. Luke collaborated with a leading software development company that created a software program called T.O.M.A.S, or Total Online Marketing Assistant Software. Everyone who signs up for Luke’s course will be able to try the software for free.

Luke said he truly enjoys helping small business owners to succeed through digital marketing. He is also humbled by the number of positive reviews that have already been posted to his website.

For instance, in a video review, Cheryl and Kirk from Michigan noted that “We hope you’ll take the chance on Luke, because we think you can’t go wrong,” she said, adding that working with Luke led to massive success.

“We had our biggest month of business in December of 2020, of all the times.”

About Luke Hyde:

Luke Hyde, Founder of The Small Business Digital Road Map, helps small businesses grow exponentially by teaching them online marketing, social media, and lead generation. The program is an all-in-one resource in digital marketing for small businesses. Click here to learn more:


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