Maine Window Company, Paradigm Windows, Provides Several Glass and Fill Options for Performance and Energy Efficiency

Maine-based manufacturer of windows and doors, Paradigm Windows, offers several different glasses and fill options for improved energy efficiency and performance.

Choosing the right windows for a new build or replacement window project can be difficult and confusing with the wide variety of glass and fill options available today. Paradigm Windows, a Portland-based manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors, offers a variety of glass and fill options. 

Paradigm Windows offers a sizable selection of glass, including single-, double-, and triple-glazed windows, that are designed to suit any home or business in virtually any climate. Their single-glazed options are most popular in areas where the climate stays relatively mild year-round, and their triple-glazed windows are ideal in areas where temperatures can be rather extreme. Double-glazed, double-hung windows are the company’s most popular offering as they offer outstanding insulation at a reasonable price. Paradigm Windows also offers obscure glass, which is popular in bathrooms as it allows for exceptional natural lighting without interfering with privacy. 

The air between panes of glass can create issues as temperatures shift. The constant circulation of air can lead to condensation, which can cause perpetually foggy panes of glass. Because of this, Paradigm Windows also offers two gas fill options from which to choose: argon and krypton. Argon is the most popular option for double-glazed windows as it insulates well, prevents condensation, and fits most budgets. For those who prefer triple-glazed windows, krypton gas is the better solution. Krypton can provide all the same insulating power as argon, but in a smaller space. When it comes to triple-glazed windows, argon fill can make the window too thick to fit into a standard frame, so krypton gas can be used in its place. 

Paradigm Window also offers high-quality sliding glass doors that provide the same insulating power, beauty, and durability as their windows. Their standard product offers 1” thick tempered low-E argon filled insulated glass, which is perfect for almost every climate. Consumers may also choose tempered triple glass filled with krypton for even more insulation if they live in areas with exceptionally cold winters or hot summers. 

The company offers numerous other customizable options, including different exterior casing styles, screen types, door handles and hardware, grids, and jamb extensions. Consumers can also choose from various finishes and colors to suit their individual aesthetic preferences. 

To learn more about Paradigm Windows and their commitment to integrity or quality, or to browse their extensive line of energy-efficient windows and doors, visit their website. You can also call (877) 994-6369 or contact them via the short online webform. Just choose whether you are a homeowner or contractor and provide the requested information, and a member of the team will contact you at the email address you provide.  

About Paradigm Windows: Paradigm Windows is located in Portland, Maine and has provided both homeowners and contractors with high-quality vinyl windows and doors since 1981. They offer numerous customization options to suit any project or style, and they stand behind their products with an industry-leading warranty and friendly customer service.   


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