Majestic Arts – Highest Art Gallery with the Most Important Collections that Surpass 6 billion USD

This is about the launch of the highest art gallery in the UAE by Majestic Arts.

Majestic Arts Gallery is a One-of-its-kind Initiative as It’s Launching the Highest Gallery in the World

The management of Majestic Arts has been dealing in Renaissance Arts, Medieval Arts, Western Arts, Modern Arts, Postmodern Arts, Indian Arts, and Islamic Arts around several countries, including Monaco, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, London, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, France, USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, and UAE. Also, Majestic Arts provide famous arts to most of Ellet’s and Royal Families of Europe. Drawing on this remarkable experience, Majestic Arts is now launching its art gallery on the 150th floor of Burj Khalifa (the entire floor is dedicated to Majestic Arts for the purpose). The gallery will feature artworks from around the globe giving art connoisseurs the unique opportunity to explore art in a perfect setting.

This is not only a significant step in the direction of promoting art and culture in different parts of the world but also a world record as this gallery will be hosted in the highest part of the tallest building in the world i.e. Burj Khalifa. It will also serve as headquarter for dealing in art for Majestic Arts in the UAE. The gallery will be open to people from all walks of life and the process to register is quite simple. Those interested will just have to book an appointment on

Qane Holding and its subsidiary Majestic Arts will bring their exquisite and most popular art collection to the gallery that is bound to leave any aesthete spellbound with its charm. Another notable feature of this art gallery will be the gracious presence of Mr. Maurizio Seracini, in the world of arts he needs no introduction but for others, he’s a professor of arts and an expert art diagnostician. He’ll be around and actively involved with Majestic Arts to add value to this art gallery.

Majestic Arts have a selection of the most notable works of art for art lovers and this gallery will be a perfect opportunity for people to explore art from a whole new dimension. The venue is a nice place to start exploring art. It’ll also try to restore the artistic glory and practices lost over time and help people reconnect with the true essence of art through the gallery. This is the first major gallery to be launched by Majestic Arts and they are putting in their best efforts in making this project a huge success.

Along with featuring various artworks, the gallery will also be an opportunity for people to see the art pieces in a new light. The works will include a nice blend of classic and modern art to cater to a wider audience. It’ll be a great opportunity for the people to discover the heritage from which different artworks drew their inspiration and engage in meaningful discourses with like-minded people to illuminate their understanding of art. Overall, it’s a trove of world-class art pieces for the first time in the UAE and art lovers should not miss it.

Even though the management of Majestic Arts has been actively involved in providing top-notch art exhibition services to various art galleries around the world, this launch is unique and unparalleled in every sense. Majestic Arts hopes to create intellectual discourses on art through this gallery and inspire people to cherish their aesthetic sense in its extraordinary form. It’s an all-encompassing gallery and a must-see for those who find their peace in art.

This is just the beginning of a long journey for Majestic Arts that, one day, hopes to capture the attention of a global audience through these efforts. They are confident that with their approach towards the works of art, Majestic Arts will soon be among the top names of the world sprouting their art galleries in various regions globally.

About Majestic Arts

The Majestic Arts is a premier art curator par excellence with rich connections to royalty, art institutions, and high net worth individuals. Majestic Arts cover extensive and diverse topics, from Indian, Islamic and Renaissance works, to Medieval and Impressionist Art among others.

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