Matrix360 Offers Strategic Insight on How Companies Can Embrace Diversity, Equity Year-Round

The concept of “newsjacking” can be problematic for organizations as it focuses on leveraging diversity to set themselves apart from others rather than integrating it into a business model throughout the year.

Newsjacking. It’s a term that may be unfamiliar to some, but it’s important to highlight as it becomes more common in companies across the country. It’s defined as leveraging diversity in a way that helps differentiate organizations. Matrix360, a talent management and workplace strategy firm, is focused on highlighting the importance of integrating diversity and equity in business models year-round to generate change rather than just during certain recognition initiatives, like Black History Month, Women’s History Month or Pride Month. 

According to a recent survey by Deloitte, 74% of millennial employees believe their organization is more innovative when it has a culture of inclusion, and 47% actively look for diversity and inclusion when sizing up potential employers. 

Throughout the year, companies celebrate the importance of diversity and inclusion through recognition months. While these occasions briefly shed light on the significance of these critical initiatives, highlighting diversity is something organizations should commit to and embrace 365 days a year. Additionally, organizations would be wise to identify ways to ensure these efforts are sustainable in the workplace and address systemic barriers and challenges that affect diverse and underrepresented professionals. 

While day-long and month-long occasions of recognition shine a spotlight on important topics, they’re not creating long-term solutions that keep the conversation going throughout the year. Companies would benefit if they thought twice about only celebrating Women’s History Month, for example, and instead approached their workforce directly and asked questions related to how they can improve their culture from an equity standpoint. It is imperative to move beyond the performative checkboxes and address real barriers and challenges that exist in workplaces. 

For two decades, Matrix360 has guided and partnered with clients to help organizations address, build, and evolve teams and workplace culture by recognizing the power of diversity and building equity into the business framework.

“We collaborate with leaders to deliver solutions focused on people,” said Chandran Fernando, managing partner of Matrix360 Inc. “We strive to set a new industry standard for what excellence in diversity looks like, where we can influence positive business outcomes like the following: innovation, sustainable growth, and inclusive communities.”

Businesses in any industry can benefit from the Matrix360 approach, especially those in commercial real estate, development, and private equity, where opportunities for diverse and underrepresented groups have historically been limited. To learn more, visit

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For over two decades, Matrix360 has been at the forefront of building and expanding the commercial real estate and development (CRED) landscape for equitable and inclusive teams, and we continue to work in partnership with our clients to deliver solutions as Canada’s leader for talent management and workplace strategy. We believe people are the bridge to profits and possibilities, where the power of diversity is the key to building the future, today. Their passion is to build sustainable and equitable businesses that unlock capabilities to drive individual, team, and business success. For more information, visit  

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