MediaCoin LLC’s NFT Collections Will Offer Real Products and Real Ownership

MediaCoin LLC is poised to take NFTs to the next level within the Metaverse by utilizing NFTs to bring real-world functionality within the virtual space. With the use of Coding with Unreal Engine 5, industry leader MediaCoin LLC is creating MediaCoin City, a realistic city within the Metaverse.  The utilities of the NFTs offered by MediaCoin LLC will serve to unlock different functionalities within MediaCoin City such as ordering food through DoorDash, attending a live concert, or even seeing a Doctor. 

“Today, MediaCoin stands on the precipice of marrying the real world and the virtual world by making the real world accessible through the virtual world,” stated Jeff Freiberger, CEO, and Founder of MediaCoin, LLC.  “Our first NFT collection, MusicCryptoGeeks, and its associated attributes are ready to unlock MediaCoin City experiences and applications. Additional NFT collections are poised for release in the near future and will be the keys to unlocking all that Media Coin City offers both in the Metaverse and in reality.”  

MediaCoin City aims to be a functioning city environment that will look no different than the everyday world we see today. All of this is made possible with the coding and graphics capabilities associated with Unreal Engine 5, currently slated for release to the gaming community in 2023, but MediaCoin LLC is creating material now for release. Processing payments for services such as Door Dash or concert tickets will be done via NFT and the use of MediaCoin Token. MediaCoin is in negotiations with several larger payment processors and is evaluating which can best serve the needs of the company and its users through ease of transactions and enhanced customer experience.

Follow these directions to purchase MediaCoin LLC on Uniswap. MusicCryptoGeeks NFT Collection is available NOW for purchase on OpenSea here

About MediaCoin LLC: 

MediaCoin LLC is a developer of Web3 applications and blockchain technologies. Based in Indiana, the Company’s expertise lies in their in house ability to create, code, and program all their Web3 and blockchain applications as well as their ability to create, mint, and list all their NFT projects. The Company has extensive expertise in securities, investor relations, as well as sales and product launch experience. MediaCoin LLC is laughing a portfolio of NFT, Web3, and blockchain applications to revolutionize many sectors of business over many types of industries in media, music, automotive sales, tangible goods, luxury brands, and more. 

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