‘Meta Kongz’ Enters ‘DeNations’ Metaverse

Meta Kongz is entering DeNations’ metaverse through partnership.

Through this partnership, Meta Kongz will own one of the Meta Lands in DeNations metaverse. On the Meta Land or the lands nearby, players in DeNations can collect special resources to create exclusive NFTs related to Meta Kongz. These exclusive NFTs will be used for customization and boosting rewards, and traded on open markets in the future. The officials stated that they strive for a mutually beneficial partnership by forming an interoperable marketplace and thereby elevating their user experience.

DeNations metaverse is the world’s first nations-based metaverse. 195 nation NFTs inspired by real-world nations are currently on Opensea, available for trading. In the metaverse, players can own nations and lands, build civilizations, and earn tokens. DeNations is backed by Korea Investment Partners (investor of Animoca Brands) and NXC (parent company of Nexon, Korea’s largest game company). DeNations’ Land NFTs are minting soon and will later become territories of the nations in the metaverse.

Recently, Meta Kongz migrated their NFT project successfully from the Klaytn chain to the Ethereum chain. The project has collaborated with many major companies since its first minting in 2021. The holders of Meta Kongz NFTs can earn coins and create baby Kongz NFTs through breeding. The story of Kongz begins with the circus gorillas in cages encounter a poster about the newly built Half Moon National Park. The park is described as paradise with the most complete ecosystem. The gorillas manage to escape through manholes and then make a journey to the paradise. 

DeNations land is where players can discover resources and treasure NFTs. Lands’ levels and types determine the resource production rate and citizen capacity. There are in total 390,000 unique lands in DeNations, and they can later become territories of the nations and get infrastructure support.

DeNations started their first land mint on June 2nd 05:00 UTC. Details on this will be updated on DeNations and Meta Kongz’s Twitter and Discord announcements.

For more information, please contact info@denations.com

Source: DeNations

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