Mobile Pixels Inc. Launches Geminos, a Stacked Dual-Screen Desktop Monitor to Enhance Any Workstation

Mobile Pixels Inc. returns with its fifth crowdfunding campaign for Geminos. Three of their last four campaigns have topped $1M, as the team has established itself as a leader in the consumer technology space.

BOSTON (PRWEB) JULY 20, 2022 – Level up any workstation, at home or in the office, with Geminos. Today, multi-million dollar consumer technology company, Mobile Pixels Inc., is launching a stacked dual-screen desktop monitor connected via a linkage system. Geminos is ergonomically designed with two 24-inch monitors that are stacked from top to bottom. The top monitor slides up and down, and the bottom monitor pivots in and out to create a bent visual appearance surface maximizing productivity and comfort.

Research shows that using dual monitors boosts productivity. However, using side-by-side desktop monitors isn’t always optimal because of the large gap between the monitors, diminishing the view. The side-by-side setup also spans outside of people’s peripheral vision which can lead to neck strain.

With its stacked and ergonomic design, Geminos is infinitely adjustable, so people can maximize productivity comfortably, whether sitting or standing. The all-inclusive display setup includes a built-in HD webcam for video conferencing, powerful speakers and a USB hub that’s capable of USB-C pass-through charging for a laptop.

“Geminos addresses the two most important needs people have when they’re working: increasing productivity and comfort.”

said Jack Yao, co-founder of Mobile Pixels.

“Launching our fifth crowdfunding campaign in as many years wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of everyone who believes in our brand. The ergonomic, stacked dual-screen monitors Geminos provides is a game changer for any setup!”

Much like Mobile Pixels’ laptop accessories, Geminos is easy to set up. Simply remove Geminos from the box, fold open the displays, plug in the monitor, and get to work!

Geminos’ workstation includes a USB hub on the back of the monitor, creating a docking station to help eliminate messy wires and clutter. The USB hub includes a SD/TF Card slot, two USB-A ports and a USB-C port. With 100W USB-C pass-through charging capability, people can charge a laptop in just 1-2 hours.

Geminos is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It can be used for work on a Laptop or Desktop as well as for gaming on XBox and Playstation. To pre-order visit,

About Mobile Pixels
Mobile Pixels Inc. cares about productivity. This Massachusetts-based team made up of manufacturing engineers and computer scientists were the first to market with their innovative line of lightweight, portable laptop monitors. They’ve combined the best technology to create a solution that increases productivity and makes it easy to work efficiently while traveling. Backed by MIT and Northeastern, Mobile Pixels aims to give consumers the freedom to swivel the screen freely while adjusting the angle at their discretion. To learn more visit,

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