Money Concepts Pathfinder Award recognition

This award to recognizes leaders within the Money Concepts network of financial professionals who have lead the way within the industry and firm.

Independent Wealth Management and Financial Planning firm, Money Concepts, recently recognized nine financial professionals with a Pathfinder Award during their recent Financial Planning Congress held in Orlando, FL.

The Pathfinder Award was established in 2019 as Money Concepts professionals celebrated the 40th anniversary of the firm in Normandy France. During WWII, the U.S. Army Pathfinders was a paratrooper regiment that leads the way to set up strategic drop points and light the way for aircraft and other paratroopers. Their motto of “first in- last out”, defined their mission.

Money Concepts President & CEO, Denis Walsh, established this award to recognize leaders within the Money Concepts network of financial professionals who have to lead the way within the industry and firm. He states, “this group unselfishly shares ideas, concepts, and cares about the success of others”.

The 2021 Pathfinder Award winners include:

  • Roch Tranel “The Original Pathfinder”- Libertyville, IL
  • Chris Blair- Denver, CO
  • Tyler Braun- Libertyville, IL
  • Ben Dodds- Dublin, OH
  • Beau Handy- Louisville, KY
  • John Hathaway- Colchester, CT
  • Bruce Morrison- Amherst, NH
  • Darren Oglesby- Monroe, LA
  • Ben Pahl- Libertyville, IL
  • Chris Puffer- Louisville, KY

About Money Concepts®:
Money Concepts Capital Corp. is a privately owned independent broker-dealer and dually registered as a Registered Investment Advisor based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Established in 1979, and its parent company Money Concepts International, Inc. has a network of approximately 700 financial professional’s centers nationwide.

In addition to serving independent advisors, Money Concepts® provides turn-key wealth management services for community banks, credit unions, and tax professionals. Money Concepts® advisors provide holistic planning and offer a full array of non-proprietary products and services including advisory and alternative investment services.

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