Mouse with a Touchscreen!” the SM-1 Smart Mouse, First in a New Generation of High-Performance input hardware

Smart Mouse disrupts and optimizes traditional mouse design by integrating a 2.5” adjustable, programmable, multi-touch and muti sensor screen that allows intuitive and fast 3D navigation: zoom, rotate, spin, accelerate, scroll, limitless functions and total control at your fingertips.

The SM-1 Smart Mouse is a patented, first-of-its-kind evolution of the traditional computer mouse that adds a 2.5” multi-touch screen to extend device functionality, convenience, and performance.

The multi-touch and multi-sensor screen provides easy access to a full range of functionality and the ability to navigate in 3D: touch and push the surface to select, rotate, spin, accelerate, and more. The SM-1 Smart Mouse is fully programmable, and different screen responses and configurations can be saved for any application, including custom screens for optimal gaming performance.

Pre-order available on :

 “The SM-1 Smart Mouse is ideal for gamers, students, professionals, anyone who wants a more functional, comfortable and convenient user experience. If you rely on your mouse, this device is a game changer that will expand what you think is possible.”

In addition to the Standard SM-1, two other versions are available, to match users precise needs for performance :

  • The Gamer SM-1 adds a lateral force sensor and has enhanced 12,000 DPI.
  • The Foldable SM-1 has the ability to fold the screen down completely, without affecting other mouse functions for travellers.
  • Choice of multi-touch OLED or E Ink screen, force sensors that deliver haptic feedback for a truly authentic touch experience

. “The SM-1 Smart Mouse will open their eyes to a much wider range of satisfaction.

Pre-order available on :

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