Mulberry Launches Rewards Program Allowing Consumers to Earn Cash for Shopping Online, Protecting Products, and More

Mulberry’s browser extension allows users to get free product protection and earn cash back while shopping online

Mulberry, the only provider of free product protection for online purchases, today announced the launch of the Mulberry Rewards program, which allows their browser extension users to earn cash back as they shop and protect their online purchases. Users can earn coins for shopping online, buying protection plans, testing their financial knowledge, and more, and then redeem those coins for digital gift cards.

Mulberry’s hundreds of thousands of customers enjoy affordable and comprehensive coverage for the products they buy online, and the Mulberry browser extension continues to earn high praise in the Chrome webstore. The new addition of Mulberry Rewards will give extension users yet another way to keep money in their pocket by providing cash rewards at thousands of online stores.

The Mulberry extension is available for the Chrome browser and is free to download. After the one-click install, users will automatically get alerts as they shop when there are free product protection, cash back, or other offers available. With the free Chrome browser extension, users can:

  • Get unlimited free 1-year product protection plans
  • Buy longer term plans at the lowest prices, guaranteed
  • Earn cash back in Mulberry Coins when shopping with thousands of retailers
  • Earn coins for getting protection, referring friends, testing financial knowledge, & more and redeem coins for digital gift cards
  • Save on financial products like auto and travel insurance via Mulberry’s partner offers
  • Manage all their plans in a single online dashboard, where they can contact live support representatives or submit claims on demand

“We are extremely excited to launch our rewards program,” said Mulberry CEO Chinedu Eleanya. “Over the past year, Mulberry has established a reputation as the leading provider of peace of mind within the online shopping ecosystem. We began this journey by launching the first and only browser extension to give shoppers free product protection on their online shopping. Today we take a step further by launching the only rewards program within the product protection ecosystem. We’re excited to drive more savings for our shoppers and look forward to continuing to innovate on increasing peace of mind for all consumers as they shop online.”

To download the free Mulberry browser extension, visit the Chrome webstore, or learn more at All new users earn 20 coins simply by completing the free signup.

About Mulberry

Mulberry is on a mission to help consumers protect the things they buy and keep more money in their pocket. The Mulberry browser extension allows consumers to get unlimited free 1-year MulberryCare product protection plans at their favorite online retailers. Consumers can also buy longer term plans at the lowest prices on the market and earn cash rewards as they shop online with thousands of retailers. Hundreds of thousands of consumers enjoy Mulberry’s comprehensive coverage and easy-to-manage plans with 24/7 support and on demand claims filing. To learn more about Mulberry or download the free Chrome browser extension, visit


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