Multi-Millionaire Stock Trading Veteran to Offer Free Training

Robert Ivan, who learned the ins and outs of stock trading while in prison, shares his hard-earned wisdom

Robert Ivan, the noted stock trading expert, today announced that he is now offering his hard-earned wisdom with investors, though free training on stocks, foreign exchange trading and crypto on his website, For Ivan, whose path to Wall Street began while he was serving 10 years in prison for bank robbery, the move represents a chance to share his success with others.

Ivan, who has made more than $35 million tradings, said, “When wisdom is given, you can’t just shelve it, you have to teach the younger generation what we learn in life.”

While in prison, Ivan was given a Bible by a man working with him in the kitchen. The man told Ivan, “You don’t know me, man, but God told me to give you my Bible.”

Ivan said, “I was shocked because I hadn’t told anyone that a few days before this, I had realized how lost in life I felt and that if I was wrong about God and he was real, that he could help me.”

For the next 18 months, Ivan kept praying and talking to God, only to be met with silence. But one night, while lying in bed, Ivan said the air in the room condensed and then a huge wave of electricity came over him. He knew right then that it was God and that he was real.

Following that experience, Ivan met another man who also changed his life. He taught Ivan how to buy and sell stocks and trade foreign exchange. Ivan listened to him because he had worked at the New York Stock Exchange as a trader. For hours upon a time, they would sit together in the prison library and the man would teach Ivan everything he knew.

Ivan was released in 2011 and in 2018, using everything he learned in prison, he started trading.

In addition to helping others learn the art of trading, Ivan also has a weekly Bible podcast.

“When students join my live chats and mentorship, they get more than just watching me trade live each day,” Ivan said. “They get my trading advice, they get life mastery advice and they get a real friend to help them reach their goals. It is what sets apart from any other mentorship program out there.”

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