Nankai Pleats Pleated Company Ventures Into Cleaning Cloths For Eyeglasses And Smartphones

Nankai Pleats Pleated Company has launched another brand of cleaning cloths for eyeglasses and mobile phone screens from its latest list of growing brands. 

The new brand is part of the company’s larger strategy to promote the development of private brands and original products. 

In its renewed energy to get a share in the international market, the company has been very keen on venturing into the untapped industries that are equally profitable. 

The Nankai products are now available for export from Japan to the United States and many other countries across the world. 

Top in the list of the new brand is the microfiber origami-animal glasses cloth, which comes in the shape of a giraffe, designed to wipe dirt from glasses, smartphones, etc.

The cloth is made using the pleating technology that uses the heat processing properties of fibres to prevent the creases from coming out. Using this advanced technology, the company created a novel idea with a “fun” shape: the Peti Peto. 

It’s a soft 100% polyester square cloth with intricate fold lines and can be easily used by placing it in the palm and bouncing it around, and it will immediately return to its original folded state.

It can be carried conveniently in the pocket or bag, or placed on the desk in the office and it will capture people’s attention. It looks like origami with a Japanese touch and makes a great gift.

Photo: Nankai pleats designed microfiber origami-animal glasses cloth

Second in the list is the crane-shaped memory pleated fabric that equally serves to clean dirt surfaces and eyeglasses. 

It comes with a polyester square cloth that gives it a soft touch making it appropriate for use in cleaning delicate surfaces such as eyeglasses. 

Besides, it can be used along with other cleaning agents such as spirit that can be used to clean delicate surfaces. 

Also, the unique crane-shape gives it a unique appearance when carried either in a bag or when placed on the table. 

It looks like origami with a Japanese touch and makes a great gift.

Photo: Crane-shaped pleated fabric wipe cleaning cloth

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