Netcom PaySystem is Now the Preferred Credit Card Processing Partner for UBMe

Netcom PaySystem Offers Safe and Secure Payment Solutions for Merchants

Netcom PaySystem is pleased to announce that they are now the preferred credit card processing partner for UBMe. UBMe is an online ordering and curbside communication platform for restaurants and features automated order printing.

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As a company spokesperson for Netcom PaySystem noted, businesses must constantly be on the lookout for ways to stay ahead of the competition. One way to do this is to provide their valued clients with ways to update their payment processing solutions and offer safe and secure ways for them to make these payments.

This knowledge inspired Netcom PaySystem to offer merchants and companies of all sizes a number of innovative payment solutions; for example, SwipeSimple, NMI, and Clover POS.

“Our payment solutions provide businesses with many options for accepting payments, including all major credit cards, checks, and NFC-ready phones,” the spokesperson noted, adding that whether merchants are on the go and need a mobile device, or they have a storefront in need of the latest and greatest POS systems, or simply need to process their transactions via a Virtual Terminal, Netcom PaySystem’s EMV-ready solutions will reduce their liability for fraudulent transactions and keep merchants up to date with payment-processing requirements.

“Netcom PaySystem also has a complete POS payment solution that delivers unmatched convenience without sacrificing security. NPS provides the ability to easily accept credit and signature debit sales anytime, anyplace.”

The fact that Netcom PaySystem is now the preferred credit card processing partner for UBMe will not surprise the many business owners who have worked with Netcom over the years. Since the company was opened in 1987, it has earned a well-deserved reputation for offering a variety of payment processing solutions at affordable prices and for providing outstanding customer service.

Merchants who are in the Atlanta, Georgia area are always welcome to swing by Netcom PaySystem’s product showroom for a hands-on demonstration; they may also contact the company any time to go over the needs of their business.

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Netcom PaySystem has been a merchant services provider since 1987. Netcom can set up any business with credit card processing and the hardware to accept payment. For more information, please visit

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