New Book Uncovers Truths of Islam and Provides Evidence of Discrepancies

In ‘The Unveiling Origin of Mecca’ Mohammed Alal Khan objectively details Muslim religion from the beginning to the present

Author Mohammed Alal Khan has published “The Unveiling Origin of Mecca: Rise of Ancient Islam in North Arabia,” which educates readers and gives them an accurate understanding of the tenets of Islam. The author explains how the earth was created in six days and details what was created during each day. Khan accredits all his information to the Quran.

The audience is informed that, during the time of Jared, son of Mahalalel, Pagan worship began to spread. It continued to spread so greatly that a very little amount of people worshiped the “true God.” The author emphasizes the difference between the real and fake Ka’ba, a building in the center of Islam’s most important mosque, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Throughout the book, Khan narrates several stories from the bible and details the geographical locations of many ancient and significant places and routes in the Islamic world, including The King’s Highway, a biblical trading route that existed east of the Jordan River and the Dead Sea.

“By reading this book, Muslims will find clarity in their history and religion and will be able to follow the right path of worship,” Khan said. “The truth always comes to light, and it is revealed in these pages.”

Khan maintains a tone of objectivity throughout the book. Even though he is a Muslim scholar, he provides information from several sources besides Islamic. Ultimately, “The Unveiling Origin of Mecca” is a detailed exposition of the origin, history and tenets of Islam that touches on all the relevant aspects of the religion.

“The Unveiling Origin of Mecca: Rise of Ancient Islam in North Arabia”
By Mohammed Alal Khan
ISBN: 978-1-665-528-108 (softcover); 978-1-665-528-092 (e-book)
Available through Author HouseBarnes & Noble & Amazon

About the author
Mohammed Alal Khan is a researcher, inventor and columnist. He is a former member of the European Hair Research Society in Germany. His contribution to scientific research has been recognized by the social organization of Bangladesh where he was awarded the World Anti-Drug Day award in 1992 and Gold Medal in 1994. In his 15 years of personal investigation, Khan found many discrepancies of Mecca in Saudi Arabia between Quran, Bible Hadiths and ancient history and geography. For more information, please visit the author’s website:

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