New innovative advertising website launches to get businesses millions of views for $1

The first website ever to rotate ads evenly in a spreadsheet uses viral marketing techniques.

A new website with an innovative approach to advertising seeks to be the answer for businesses affected by COVID-19 looking to get their message in front of a large audience inexpensively.

Steve Kadlec, 38, launched after thinking it up while being sick with COVID-19.

On the site is a simple spreadsheet that contains 5 million rows.

Companies can buy their own row on the spreadsheet for $1 each per month.

Customers can then place advertising messages and links on the purchased rows, linking web visitors to their own websites or phone numbers. The rows refresh and rotate every minute to keep things fresh. Every advertiser on the spreadsheet is seen.

“I decided that whatever I made had to be something really inexpensive that everyone could afford and needed, and that I needed to utilize viral marketing techniques” said Kadlec.

In the week the site has been running, it has already sold over $500 of advertising space, $300 of it to a metaphysical gemstones and crystals company, and other companies such as jewelry makers, credit repair, farmers market / street vendors, marketing professionals and even a guitar riffs website.

“I’m hoping people understand the value of how quickly these type of things can grow on the internet and social media. It would definitely be worth it for advertisers to get a lot of attention,” said Kadlec.

“The journey with the website has been a lot of fun and interesting so far, and very educational. I asked people for advice on Reddit and a lot of people wished me well and a lot of of others told me they didn’t think it could ever work. But I’m already proving them wrong.”

A new website innovating marketing and advertising for businesses is now available for all to see. Visit to learn more!

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