New Mobile App is shaking up the personal styling industry.

It brings users a personal stylist to their fingertips, at a fraction of the cost!!

Fashion app, SelfieStylist, launches a mobile app designed to bring the expertise of a personal stylist right to your phone.

Available worldwide, the SelfieStylist app enables users to take the guesswork out of what to wear next by ensuring you will always look your best with the help of a trained stylist at the reach of your fingertips.

SelfieStylist is pleased to announce the arrival of its first mobile app and, available globally on Apple and Android devices. The SelfieStylist fashion app was built to provide hands-on help for those facing fashion emergencies. The free app creates a hyper-personalized stylist experience for those major fashion crises where your boyfriend’s opinion just will not cut it. Send as many as five images of your outfit choices to the fashion app and an experienced stylist will give you their opinion on the look that is right for you within fifteen minutes of pressing send. Looking for additional advice on an event or wardrobe, book a video chat session for a more in-depth fashion overhaul.

On the launch of the app, SelfieStylist CEO Lana Ashby Rowder said, “I wanted to eliminate hours of frustration we face in closets and dressing rooms where we second guess every outfit choice asking boyfriends, family and even strangers for advice on what to wear. I knew an app that provided a stylist in the time it takes to send a text was the answer for many of those who freeze in the face of fashion.” From first dates outfits to what to wear to weddings, SelfieStylist will connect you with an experienced stylist who will ensure your look not only matches the proper trends, but aligns with your goals, figure, and comfort.

How the app works:

  • After selecting your need for fashion assistance, you are provided with an opportunity to upload selfies or to schedule a video chat (for the soft launch, pricing follows $10 per event wardrobe session or $25 to book a video chat with a stylist).
  • You are then directed to enter more information about your fashion problem. What, when and where is the event, how do you want to look and feel and is there anything you want your stylist to know.
  • Communication with a stylist ready to help with your fashion quandary will follow within fifteen minutes of completion (available 9AM-10PM CST).
  • The app also features a “Shop My Closet” tab where stylists will highlight looks they love allowing you to follow and shop your stylist’s favorite looks.

About SelfieStylist:

SelfieStylist is bringing the high-priced luxury of a fashion stylist to the fingertips of all those suffering fashion indecisions. Built upon the burning question we face on what to wear, SelfieStylist gives you access to stylists who can guide you from being a fashion faux pas to a fashion trendsetter in as little as fifteen minutes. SelfieStylist is poised to change the way consumers shop, dress and feel about themselves providing not only the right look but the confidence needed to carry an otherwise on-point outfit. The company is headquartered in Austin, TX. To learn more visit

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