New Online Training Teaches Business Leaders a Practical and Proven System for Reaching Company Goals Consistently and Profitably

The workshop, Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata Remotely, by the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute is open for registration.

The nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute today announced a new online workshop designed to help business leaders dependably and quickly navigate the uncertainties between where a company is now and where they want it to be.

The Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata Remotely workshop, shows leaders how to use “kata,” a term borrowed from Japanese martial arts, to describe a proven and practical method of daily practice to systematically improve business performance.

Kata routines create a company culture based on continuous improvement where people, coached by their managers, rely on scientific thinking to learn how to improve. Utilizing plan, do, check, act (PDCA) cycles to innovate and adapt in an ever-changing environment. Workshop attendees will learn a system for practising kata and then teaching it to their team members.

Training to Gain Competitive Advantage

Workshop benefits include:

  • How to practice Improvement Kata routines to develop scientific thinking in yourself. 
  • How to practice and teach Coaching Kata routines to develop scientific thinking in team members.  
  • How to expand effective coaching across the company to develop scientific thinking and a culture of adaptiveness and innovation.

LEI developed Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata Remotely for leaders who want clarity about what their management teams should do to gain a competitive advantage in today’s markets through innovation, adaptability, and continuous improvement.

“Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata routines deliver an effective way to practice, learn, and teach people to think more scientifically,” says Beth Carrington, the LEI faculty member leading this workshop. “Developing this skill drives innovation and adaptiveness throughout an organization, enabling people to achieve performance levels they thought were impossible. Get out of an ’implementation mindset’ tools-based approach to lean management and get into an ’adaptive/growth mindset’ focused on learning something new.”

Complete information about tuition, course content, and how to register are available by calling (617) 871-2900, emailing registrar(at)lean(dot)org, or visiting the workshop page at:

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