New Product Announcement: Birk Manufacturing Introduces High Temperature (HT) Heaters

High Temperature (HT) heaters are designed to achieve temperatures higher than 260°C (500°F)

Birk Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of high-quality flexible heaters and thermal systems, has introduced a High Temperature (HT) Heater. This is a special type of polyimide foil that allows users to achieve high temperatures easily. The foil heaters can achieve higher temperatures than the company’s existing line of Kapton polyimide heaters.

The new High Temperature (HT) Heaters:

  • Are suited for temperatures required to achieve up to 300°C
  • Assure even heat distribution and exceptionally fast heat-up and cool down times
  • Are suited for complex two-dimensional applications
  • Assure superior heat transfer through heat sinks
  • Enable easy integration into assemblies such as heat sinks, sensors, probes, and so on

“We understand the thermal challenges faced by our clients in high-temperature applications. This has inspired us to develop High Temperature (HT) heaters. This product fits within our core competences as it has many similarities to our current Kapton polyimide-heaters. Birk’s HT heaters will allow our customers to achieve low mass, high watt densities and reach higher operating temperatures,” said Michael Mattox, CEO, Birk Manufacturing Inc.

Birk Manufacturing’s High Temperature (HT) Heaters can be:

  • Designed in custom shapes, sizes, and watt densities
  • Designed with multiple heating zones to ensure uniform heat distribution
  • Temperature sensor integration can be designed in for product control
  • Operated in high-vacuum environments
  • Heaters utilize a unique “all-polyimide” design which eliminates the need for a dielectric/adhesive composite

For more information on HT heaters, please visit or call 860-739-4170.

About Birk Manufacturing

Birk Manufacturing is an S-Corp and an AS9100, ISO 13485/9001, and ITAR–accredited company that was established in 1989. It is headquartered in East Lyme, Connecticut. The company serves clients across medical, semiconductor, defense, aerospace, transportation, and security industries by delivering energy-efficient and high-quality thermal management and custom turnkey solutions. Birk provides customized heaters that are fully integrated with temperature fuses, sensors, and connectors and then bonded or vulcanized to machined parts.

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