New Study Reveals Top Five Skills Leaders Need in 2022

AIIR Consulting, the premier provider of tech-enabled leadership solutions, surveyed hundreds of talent leaders, executives, and coaches to create a blueprint for empowering leaders in the year ahead.

AIIR Consulting, the premier provider of tech-enabled leadership solutions, released its Leadership 2022 research report — a free resource designed to help talent professionals understand the new skills leaders will need to overcome the challenges of the coming year.

You can download the free report at

“The world is completely different, and more complex, than many of us expected,” said the Head of Executive Development at a Fortune 500 Technology Company. “Leaders will need a different set of skills to navigate this landscape and lead their teams to the other side.”

Leadership 2022 features actionable insights from hundreds of talent leaders, senior executive coaches, and individual executives across industries and around the world. HR and talent professionals can use this information to equip leaders with the skills they need to succeed in what is certain to be a challenging year:

  • Empower leaders to manage effectively in a remote or hybrid workplace

• Facilitate the focused engagement necessary for innovation
• Rebuild community and connection within the organization
• Manage ever-increasing complexity and change
• Model the self-compassion needed to lead in a volatile environment

88% of respondents to AIIR’s survey said their leaders were not prepared for the challenges they would face in 2022. As an organization dedicated to helping leaders navigate change and shape a better future, AIIR understands the impact that level of unpreparedness can have on those leaders’ organizations, and on the lives of their employees. That’s why the company is making this powerful 26-page report available for free at

“As we enter the new year, we are energized by the unprecedented opportunity leaders have to shape a better future,” said Dr. Jonathan Kirschner, founder and CEO of AIIR Consulting. “The leadership skills we describe in this report are built on decades of research and thousands of hours spent coaching leaders at organizations around the world. In the coming year, and beyond, these skills will empower leaders to build organizations that are more equitable, more engaged, more innovative, and more prepared to navigate the challenges they face.”

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AIIR Consulting is the premier provider of tech-enabled leadership solutions. Leveraging business psychology, a proprietary methodology, technology, and a global community of expert coaches and consultants, AIIR delivers high-impact solutions that help leaders and organizations navigate the challenges they face and shape a better future. Learn more at

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