New York Computer Help is Now Offering a Full Insurance Protection Plan for all PC Computer Builds

New York Computer Help, a boutique custom build design computer company in NYC has taken computer builds to the next level with its new full computer insurance protection plan.

Past Project – Frozen Ice Gaming Build

In New York Computer Help’s 34th Street Repair Center, Idit Silverman, its owner, explains, “We have personalized the whole custom PC build experience. The industry has been selling custom PC builds, but that has been the end of the interaction. No support has been provided since the purchase. Instead, customers have been frustrated by being forced to deal with parts manufacturers to return any faulty parts or left to troubleshoot issues on their own. Now, we have offered a full insurance protection plan for all of the customers who have us design and build their custom build PCs.”

Silverman explains that each customer gets an initial complimentary 30-minute consult on designing the ultimate dream computer. Then, their custom PC experts not only focus on the customer’s part requirements, but the design and color scheme are also priorities. After the build is complete, an insurance protection plan at only $15/month covers all support and service for any issues.

Performance, tower size, water cooling systems, mixing and matching part colors are critical factors that the New York Computer Help team pays attention to. The industry or function the computer will be built for also play key roles. Silverman notes as an example that L’Oréal just ordered five custom PC builds for its design rendering team. “Each case needed three or four video cards along with a special color theme to blend into its designer environment,” she said. Silverman also mentioned how gamers and companies design their custom machines based on their respective games and company software. Custom machines have been designed for Cyberpunk gaming tournaments as well as for trading desks and small offices.

Industries include: business executives, traders, gamers, video editors, remote workers, and students. Silverman mentioned, “The work environment is more of a hybrid one nowadays where we are designing home builds for those who still want office-level performance. Similarly, in the office, our customers require faster performance for demand-hungry software and projects.”

In general, New York Computer Help’s custom build will cost you at least $5,000. Silverman said New York Computer Help’s unique human touch element here carries on well after the computer sale by also offering full system insurance support and coverage.

New York Computer Help is different. This revolutionary tech company not only provides the design and custom build to order but now also allows customers to leverage its top-notch insurance warranty. For only $15/month, customers are covered for any and all custom pc build services going forward. “We have always been a customer-focused, service-first company,” Silverman says. “This blend of high-level custom build design and total care coverage gives our customers a sense of comfort and stability.”

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