Nostalgic NFTs for GenX and Boomers

The Bonnieverse is onboarding older audiences into the NFT world with electrifying snapshots of famous faces.

For over 40 years, Bonnie Schiffman has photographed icons like Robin Williams, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Jerry Seinfeld, Betty White, Steve Jobs and countless others. Her uniquely stylized celebrity portraits have been seen all across the world in magazines including Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, GQ, and Esquire.

Now, Schiffman’s rare photo collections are available in the metaverse as 1 of 1 NFTs, exclusively on OpenSea.

“Trying to capture a personal moment in the lives of famous people is not easy. There’s always a trust factor involved,” said photographer Bonnie Schiffman. As a routine, Schiffman would start her photoshoots with a good lunch at her Los Angeles home studio to foster a deep connection with her celebrity subjects.

“Bonnie understands funny people,” said comedian Billy Crystal in his forward to her Rolling Stone Book of Comedy. “In one picture, in a split second, Bonnie got all of it. She caught a side of me that is more revealing than any other portraits I have.”

The collection features rare Polaroids, personalized letters, answering machine messages, photo scans, final prints, and proof sheets of famous figures.

The Bonnieverse is managed by Lisa M. Berman of Berman Arts Agency along with consultants Brandon Martin and Jay Huddy, founders of Replayar, a metaverse photo app.

From the onset, The Bonnieverse team realized that the current NFT marketplace wasn’t built for older demographics and traditional art collectors, the very audiences that have adored Bonnie’s works over the years.

“A key piece of our strategy is to make NFTs accessible to all and not just a few,” said consultant Brandon Martin “That’s why we’re implementing NFT education partnerships with museums and aligning The Bonnieverse with companies that see the need to solve this industry bottle neck issue.”

Canvia, producer of smart frames for art, is one of those companies that answered the call. By allowing NFT collectors the ability to proudly display their pieces, Canvia is a leader in digital art display science, giving users the ability to sync their cryptowallets and choose which NFTs to display on their devices.

These smart frames are being featured in a Bonnieverse exhibit museum tour entitled “Into The Bonnieverse” currently running at The Muckenthaler Cultural Arts Center in Fullerton, CA until May 3rd.

“Into The Bonnieverse is an immersive experience that takes you on a journey through the life’s work of Bonnie Schiffman from early 70’s LA to present day Metaverse” said consultant and exhibit curator Lisa M. Berman.

The Bonnieverse team continues to explore new opportunities that make it easy for traditional art collectors to own an NFT. Even now, a white glove experience is being developed so that interested buyers won’t have to hassle with complex technical processes when purchasing an NFT.

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