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Tania Glenn shares expertise in preparation for extreme stress and trauma, before, during, and in the aftermath of traumatic events for first-responders, veterans, their family, and friends.

First responders are one of our most valuable resources. Today, they are facing unprecedented levels of trauma, chaos, isolation, and violence. Now, more than ever, the mental health of our public safety members has to be a priority. Emergency services personnel are assets to every community and city. They enter into the worst situations, establish control, provide aid, and right the wrongs. The work of public safety is challenging and at times overwhelming. Being a first responder can take a significant toll on those who serve.

“Inherent in any high-stress occupation such as public safety are the negative effects of the job on first responders and its impacts on family members. While there is no magic answer or a one-size-fits-all way to manage through tough times, it is important to be prepared, to be proactive, to communicate as well as you can, and at times to just slow down and take a deep breath.”
Tania Glenn

The tradition in emergency services has been to largely ignore mental health. This has never, nor will it ever, work. Recently there has been increased awareness of burnout, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and first responder suicide. Unfortunately, awareness is not enough. Dramatic videos sharing war stories do not offer solutions for these problems. Tania Glenn’s bestselling book First Responder Resilience: Caring for Public Servants is designed to guide the audience towards solutions.

Code Four: Surviving and Thriving in Public Safety is a survival guide for first responders. Designed to normalize what first responders face and to offer solutions, this book is written to teach public servants how to care for themselves and how to implement the necessary cultural changes to improve mental health in emergency services.

Smashing the Stigma and Changing the Culture in Emergency Services delivers a clear road map to assist everyone who wants to create change and bring about healing for public safety personnel.

Peer support in emergency services has become increasingly accepted over the past two decades. Not only do effective peer support programs assist first responders during tough incidents, but these programs also save lives. I’ve Got Your 6: Peer Support for First Responders is a step-by-step guide to create a peer support program. From writing policies to standing up a team, this book was created to assist departments and agencies in implementing professional teams in a timely manner. Now more than ever, first responders need assistance, and peer support is an invaluable resource.

Stress and trauma are inherent in the public safety professions. When first responders are impacted by the negativity they encounter, their family members are often impacted as well. Yet somehow, the needs of families are often discounted or overlooked completely. First Responder Families: Caring for the Hidden Heroes was written to help families understand what to expect during turbulent times and to give them tools to mitigate stress and trauma. In First Responder Families: Caring for the Hidden Heroes, Dr. Tania Glenn writes not only as a clinician with over twenty-eight years of experience working with first responders.

Praise for Tania’s Books

What a wonderful book. Having served in both operational and administrative positions with a peer support program I found this book to be a must-read for all first responders. Dr. Glenn has once again put forth a wonderful outline of how to stay mentally tough and healthy throughout a career by outlining how and what we need to know to be healthy!! I would recommend this book to anyone from the front lines to management.
Todd Smith, Law Enforcement Manager,
Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice

Tania has created a space to shift the mindset around first responder trauma. She provides a safe space to discuss PTSD, and in her writing gives permission to say, “I am not okay today and I need help!” The thoughtful, well-researched, and supportive nuggets of knowledge found on these pages and in her other books have benefitted how I show up to my job, how I show up as a leader for my crew, and in my personal life. She shatters the walls around being the tough guy. I cannot advocate and encourage my coworkers enough to go sit down with Tania and let her work her magic! I will forever be grateful for her wisdom and passion!
T.J. Drescher
Captain, Glendale Fire Department

First responders and dispatchers are continuously placing themselves in situations that challenge their resiliency and coping skills. This book lays out the human response to stress. It illustrates how the persistent highs and lows of the job take their tolls in addition to the extreme situations that responders find themselves in. As I turned the pages of this book, I found myself having repetitive “ah-ha” moments. The saying “knowing is half the battle” becomes extremely relevant when reading this book. The reader will find themselves better understanding feelings, moods, and different responses they have had throughout the years. This book is a must-read for both the new and experienced responder. These lessons will help us keep responders in the fight and ensure better durability, both on the job and in life. We are a team. We are here for those who need us, but we are also here for each other. These lessons will help us to maintain sustainable professions during challenging times and make us better responders for the future.
Matt Paul, Captain
Austin/Travis County EMS

About Tania Glenn

Tania was three months from completing her master’s degree at the University of Texas when she witnessed the dramatic and violent standoff between law enforcement and the Branch Davidian Cult in Waco, Texas. At that point, she knew her calling was to work with first responders and to focus on healing these warriors from the horrors of post-traumatic stress disorder. Tania spent the first ten years of her career working in a Level II Trauma Emergency Department on weekend nights as she built her private practice during the week. In 2002, Tania transitioned to her private practice on a full-time basis and has dedicated her entire career to working with first responders and military members. Tania assisted with the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing, the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Hurricane Katrina, the Dallas Police shootings, and numerous other incidents. Tania is referred to as the “warrior healer” by her colleagues, and she is passionate about her work. Tania resides in Central Texas. Her loves include her family, her pets, and fitness.

Tania Glenn
First Responder Resilience: Smashing the Stigma Documentary
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