Obachan Launches Honey Candy With Great Health Benefits

Japanese company, Obachan, has launched a new product dubbed propolis honey cough drop candy in its recent move with a focus to increase profitability. 

In recent days, the company has been on a campaign trail to increase the visibility of its products in line with the country’s goal of increasing productivity and opening up local products for new international markets. 

Obachan, which derives its name from the relationship between the president’s father and grandmother, is now set to export the honey cough drop to the United States of America. 

The honey cough drop is manufactured using a traditional Japanese method with all the ingredients at its finest, especially the extra green propolis from Minas Gerais, Brazil, which is considered as the highest quality in the world. 

Although propolis usually have a strong and bitter taste, the flavor becomes milder and refreshing when mixed with lemon.

It is perfect for cold, flu and allergy as it soothes throats in a time with its bitterness but still with sweetness crafted with care in small. 

The medicated, dual-action drops are crafted with bee propolis, which is naturally high in antioxidants and most often used to boost immune health. 

Bee propolis is nature’s ultimate protector and the hive’s immune system. It has been used for centuries for immune support, sore throats, and combating various ailments.

Its naturally rich in antioxidants with over 300 beneficial compounds and is organic with no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives.

It is packed in a small bag, which has 26 small pieces of cough drops, which ensures it complies with the food safety standards and also one can carry it around comfortably and use them whenever they need.  The propolis honey cough drop candy is now available in the company’s Amazon store at an affordable price and can also be shipped to other parts of the world.

Photo: Propolis honey cough drop candy 

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The company name, OBACHAN and the name “Granvo” comes from the word grandmother. “Granvo” is simply a combined name of “Grandma”(English) and “Vovo”(Portuguese). We named it after the relationship between the president’s father and grandmother. This means that our company will strive to give unconditional love to our customers, just like how grandmothers do to her whole family no matter what. We deliver the finest propolis health food to the world with this spirit.

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