Ohshima Tatami Launches New Line Of Products With Focus On Tablemats

An international Japanese-based company, Ohshima Tatami Brand, has continued expanding its portfolio products with the latest inclusion of tablemats, which has been touted as a game changer in the industry. 

In its latest market expansion goal, the company seeks to serve customers with high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Ohshima, which is well known for promoting and developing private brands in Japan before exporting to the United States, will now be offering different tablemats to its customers under the new brand. 

Top in the list of the new products, which have since been added to the company’s Amazon listing is the Small Tatami Mat for Mouse Pad

In compliance with the company’s culture, the new Tatami mat is made out of naturally woven materials that give it a soft rush straw making it pleasant to touch. 

It’s designed in a naturally miniature shape and novel looking that will catch everyone’s attention. Furthermore, the mat can be used not only as a mouse pad, but also as a mat for figures, vases and teacups. You can also decorate your room to create a Japanese atmosphere!

The soft material used to make the mat protects the table from hotness and creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere full of beauty. 

Photo: Japanese Small Tatami Mat for Mouse Pad; Japanese Soft Olive Color

Second on the list is the small Tatami mat for mouse pad that comes in the Japanese pale cadet blue color. The mat offers a silver-like environment with the blue color shining on the table, giving you an ultimate beauty feeling while at the same time protecting your table and mouse pad. 

Apart from enhancing the aesthetic feeling of your table, the mat also brightens the look of your place without calling for expensive spending to cover for decorations.

Photo: Japanese Small Tatami Mat for Mouse Pad: Pale Cadet Blue Color

The third mat comes in the Pale Khaki Color that gives your table a cool feeling and an aesthetic feeling of a person in charge of their surroundings.

The soft but strong material that is made from Japanese traditional mini igusa (rush grass) is used to protect your table whenever you may want to put hot containers on the top of it.

Photo: Japanese Small Tatami Mat; Pale Khaki Color

Notably, the three products can be found on the company’s Amazon listing and they all go at the same price of $18. 

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