Onward and Upward: Global IDs and Fulcrum Digital Team Up to Revolutionize Data Lineage for Enterprises and Businesses

Two Nationally Recognized Industry Leaders Join Forces to Offer Advanced Data Management Solutions to Empower Businesses to Thrive with Impactful Insights.

Amid the digital renaissance, data is king. Modern businesses and enterprises leverage data and powerful insights to drastically improve their business strategies, function, and scalability. However, digital ecosystems are extremely complex, sometimes difficult to understand, and often unorganized. Global IDs, an industry-leading innovative software company dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes manage their data ecosystems, is proud to announce its partnership with Fulcrum Digital to revolutionize advanced data governance including data lineage for modern businesses and enterprises.

Fulcrum Digital is a renowned business platform and digital engineering company that serves as a transformative technology partner for financial services, insurance services, food services, higher education, consumer products and services, and the digital commerce industry. Fulcrum Digital holds extensive expertise in digital transformation, machine learning, and emerging technologies, to offer a consulting-led, integrated suite of enterprise-grade software solutions.
Together, Fulcrum Digital and Global IDs aim to bridge the gap between enterprise data lineage and accessibility for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

This strategic partnership will allow Fulcrum Digital to expand its existing digital services to include organized and advanced data governance and management solutions. Global IDs specializes in breaking down and organizing complex and nuanced data into easily digested silos to help business leaders reach data-based solutions with confidence, speed, and accuracy.

“We are thrilled and honored to be working hand in hand with Fulcrum Digital to change the face of modern enterprise data lineage. Together we can offer a multi-pronged approach to data governance and management to enhance the client experience and offer unparalleled value for helping businesses understand their data story and how to leverage that to drive future business decisions with ease.” – Lisa DiGiorgio, SVP, Client and Channel Engagement at Global IDs.

Commenting on the partnership, Prasad Washikar, SVP, Strategic Business, Fulcrum Digital, said, “We are pleased to partner with Global IDs to bring advanced Data Governance to the industries we serve. Their Data Evolution Ecosystem Platform, combined with our strong industry domain experience, digital transformation expertise, and drive to enhance the customer experience brings together the best of both companies to deliver a unique offering. We look forward to helping customers scale their business with new levels of automation and data management.”’

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing data lineage for enterprises and beyond; Global IDs’ purpose-driven vision has come to fruition as they step into a partnership with Fulcrum Digital.

To learn more about Global IDs, please visit: https://www.globalids.com/

About Global IDs, Inc

Global IDs is an innovative software company delivering purpose-built solutions for data-centric organizations. Global IDs is committed to helping organizations of any size solve business problems with core metadata management techniques in an automated and scalable approach. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Arka Mukherjee to address the challenges of next-generation data eco-systems, Global IDs has since evolved to offer a fully integrated data solution for organizing, understanding, and empowering business leaders to be insightful and solve data problems with confidence, speed, and accuracy.

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