Orivet Genetic Pet Care Signs on as Vendor at Philadelphia National Dog Show

Orivet Genetic Pet Care, a leader in genetic testing kits for domestic cats and dogs, will participate as a vendor at the Philadelphia National Dog Show this month.

Philadelphia, PA – The event will be held on Saturday, November 19th, and Sunday, November 20th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. The competition will be taped for airing on national television following the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving Day. Reaching nearly 20 million viewers, the two-hour event is the most-viewed dog show in the United States. In addition to the main televised contest, each day of the event showcases a number of different competitions and attractions.

The Kennel Club of Philadelphia has presented dog shows for more than 125 years. For their annual National Dog Show, each of the 205 eligible breeds and varieties is assigned to one of seven groups representing characteristics and functions unique to the breed’s original purpose, such as the Hound group, Herding group, or Terrier group. After entrants in each classification are judged, the “First in Group” winners from each of these seven categories compete for the ultimate title of Best in Show. This year’s show is expected to feature as many as 2,000 purebred dogs from across the US, spanning the gamut of recognized breeds.

Orivet, an international leader in genetic testing for purebred dogs and cats, will be in attendance for both days of the show, joining over 30 other leading vendors of canine products and providing samples, kits for sale, etc.

“We’re excited to be taking part as vendors at this year’s Philadelphia National Dog Show,” said Lisa Guccione, National Operations Manager at Orivet.“This event represents one of the most significant gatherings of purebred dogs in the world, and Orivet is proud to serve professional breeders and pet enthusiasts alike in this incredible show.”

The show is hosted by sportscaster Mary Carillo and former Seinfeld star John O’Hurley, with expert commentary provided by the “Dean of Dog Show Commentators,” David Frei. A complete program, including the event schedule, judging guidelines, and information on breed categories, will be posted on the event’s website no later than Wednesday, Nov. 11.

Learn more about the event and book tickets at https://nds.nationaldogshow.com/event-info/.

About the AKC

Founded in 1884, the American Kennel Club is the largest and most respected dog club in the

United States. The organization maintains an up-to-date registry of all registered dog breeds

and holds regular contests around the country. They have also published the AKC Gazette, “the official journal of the sport of purebred dogs,” since 1889.

Learn more at https://www.akc.org/about/mission/.

About Orivet Genetic Pet Care

Orivet Genetic Pet Care is a leading personalized-medicine organization offering innovative healthcare solutions for breeders, veterinarians, and pet owners. The organization was founded in 2010 on the premise that each pet is unique, with its own set of specific traits, behaviors, genetic health needs, and inherent risks. Orivet works with veterinarians, pet owners, and responsible pet breeders to provide practical, evidence-based platforms focused on identifying risk and improving clinical outcomes.

For more information, please visit https://www.orivet.com.

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