Services include Easy Permit Chicago Expediting, Easy Permit Application Chicago, and Change of Contractor Chicago consultation and processing

Chicago – Permit Studio is a permit expediting services firm based in Chicago. Today, the company announced that it would provide three added building permits services, including Easy Permit Chicago Expediting, Easy Permit Application Chicago, and Change of Contractor Chicago consulting and processing. These services are designed to serve contractors and property owners throughout the Chicago metro area.

Easy Permit Chicago Expediting Services

The Easy Permit Chicago Expediting service is designed to help contractors and property owners obtain an easy permit for simple construction or renovation work on commercial, industrial or residential properties. Examples of work that can be approved with an easy permit Chicago include drywall replacement, plumbing fixture replacement, electrical work, door replacement, window replacement, porch repair, and more. The Easy Permit process can be completed and submitted in as little as a few business days. Permit Studio provides consultation and assistance in the processing of a client’s Easy Permit application process to ensure the fastest possible turnaround time.

Easy Permit Application Chicago Services

In order for a contractor or property owner to obtain an Easy Permit Chicago, they will need to complete the Easy Permit application. This application requires specific information about the property, the request work, as well as contractor, owner, or tenant information. Any errors or omissions in the application can cause delays which can cost the client time and money. Permit Studio provides guidance on how to successfully complete and submit the Easy Permit Application. In addition, Permit Studio handles communication with the City of Chicago building department office to handle any questions or requests on behalf of the property owner or the contractor.

Change of Contractor Application Chicago Services

Whenever a contractor is changed or removed from a project, the City of Chicago requires that a Change of Contractor Chicago notice be submitted to the Department of Buildings. This notice will be critical for the continuity of a project and must have the property contract information on the notice to keep any active permits valid. Permit Studio’s Change of Contractor Chicago services provide the guidance and the expertise needed to complete and submit the notice as quickly as possible. When successfully submitted, the Change of Contractor notice will be processed in a couple of business days and keep the permit valid until its original expiration date.

About Permit Studio

Permit Studio is a permit expediting and building code consulting firm located in Chicago. The company provides a wide range of services for contractors and property owners in permitting and project consulting. Services include Easy Permit Chicago services, Easy Permit Application services, Change of Contractor Chicago services, Chicago Building Permits services, Architectural Drawing Submittal services, and Permit Management services.

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