Peru Strengthens Its Revival Through Expo 2020 Dubai

The mega-event will be a meeting point for the global economic revival process and will allow Peru to enter markets with a high purchasing power.

The Export and Tourism Promotion Commission – PROMPERÚ reaffirmed Peru’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai, which was to take place last year, but had been postponed due to the pandemic and will now be held from October 1 until March 2022.

“The development of Expo Dubai marks a new milestone in the process of economic revival, becoming the ideal opportunity for our country to reassert itself in the economic, commercial and tourist arena, positioning us before the eyes of the world,” said Amora Carbajal, executive president of PROMPERÚ.

The announcement was made after signing an agreement with DP World, a port logistics operator that will allow the best products to be sent from Peru to Dubai so that millions of visitors from all over the world may enjoy and get to know this country better.


The Peruvian booth will promote various activities such as business roundtables related to the textile sector to boost its alpaca fibre and Peruvian cotton. With the aim of showing the diversity in natural raw materials, food fairs will be held, where superfoods will be front and centre.

The UAE ranks fifth in Peruvian shipments to Asia, behind China, South Korea, Japan and India. In 2020, non-traditional exports to the Middle East giant grew by 6.1% compared to 2019. On the other hand, within the framework of Expo 2020 Dubai, the World Travel Awards will be awarded in South America, where Peru is nominated in 16 categories. It is a great opportunity to promote this country’s main tourist destinations.

It is estimated that this event would provide Peru with a potential market of $2.14 billion for its export products and an income of more than $44 million in currencies from tourism within two years.

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