Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast: Making Lee, NH Safer with Quality Tree Care Services

Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast is an esteemed tree service provider in Lee, NH, specializing in everything from removal and trimming to storm clean-up and brush chipping. With years of industry experience under their belt, they have developed a stellar reputation for providing quality services by a full-time fireman operated and owned team that cannot be matched.

Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast is an esteemed tree service run and owned by a dedicated fireman. They specialize in tree care, from intricate removals to quick trimmings and comprehensive storm clean-ups. Additionally, they provide brush chipping services and assessment of trees for your convenience.

Boasting two decades of experience, the Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast team offers trusted tree care services in Lee, NH. Not only do they recognize any potential safety risks that could arise from trees in your vicinity, but they also supply you with all the information needed to make an informed decision.

At Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast, they ensure that your desired outcome is achieved in a timely fashion – with no hassle and at an unbeatable price. Their service quality surpasses expectations, leaving you with a perfect result every time. You can be sure that the premises are kept clean and organized throughout the entire process for maximum satisfaction.

Also, caring for your safety, they offer an in-depth tree removal service. Piece by piece, they dismantle the timber to ensure that your local wildlife and plants remain unharmed during the process. Moreover, before settling on complete removal as a solution for your tree’s condition, they first check if alternatives like pruning are feasible.

Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast also provides fast and reliable storm damage cleaning services in emergencies to ensure you’re taken care of as soon as possible. Their experienced team quickly evaluates the extent of the damage. It offers professional advice on what should be done, including tree/stump removal, braced or cabled trees restoration, and pruning damaged limbs that pose a risk.

Besides their tree services, Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast also offers brush chipping – an invaluable service for protecting your property from wildfires. By quickly disposing of debris left behind after trimming or removing trees and bushes, you can create a safe environment that is less susceptible to damage. With their brush chipping service, they can help create firebreaks on your property and give you peace of mind.

Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast provides reliable tree care services in Lee, NH. With over a decade of experience and a certified team, they are the experts in safely removing and maintaining trees that prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Visit their website at to learn more about the tree services available! Get ready to discover why everyone is talking about Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast – they truly are tree-mendous!

About Phil’s Tree Service Seacost

Phil’s Tree Service Seacoast is a tree service owned and operated by a full-time fireman. We are dedicated to providing a complete range of tree services, including tree removal, tree trimming, storm clean-up, brush chipping, and evaluation.

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