PhotoSpring Launches Photo Scheduling on Digital Photo Frames for Valentine’s Day

PhotoSpring customers can send photos to a frame today and have them appear on a specific date in the future

PhotoSpring, Inc. (, a leading provider of wifi digital photo frames today announced its new photo scheduling feature for all PhotoSpring models.

Users can upload photos today and have them appear on specific dates in the future. Scheduled photos appear each morning on the specified date, and can be sent up to 90 days in advance. This feature is not limited to just photos. Users can schedule delivery for videos in the same way. Users can send the same set of photos and videos to 10 frames using the scheduled delivery feature.

“This innovative feature we announced today is a result of suggestions from our customers.,” said Dan Ho, VP of Product for PhotoSpring. “For Valentine’s Day, a customer wanted to surprise his wife with a new photo that would appear each day for each year they had been married. Another customer didn’t want to forget to send her mother a new photo of her grandchild every day.”

Examples of Scheduling Photos

PhotoSpring’s new photo scheduling feature can be used in the following ways:

For Valentine’s Day – Give a PhotoSpring digital photo frame for Valentine’s Day, and schedule a photo to appear each day representing every year together

For Grandparents – give PhotoSpring as a gift to a grandparent and schedule a photo or video each day of their grandchildren

For Families – make birthdays special by scheduling a set of birthday pictures to appear on each family member’s birthday

Pricing and Availability

The scheduling feature is free and will be available for use through the PhotoSpring web portal (web uploader) on February 7, 2022.

The following frames support this feature:

PhotoSpring 10 Premium Frame (model: PSG-101): A portable 10in wifi digital photo frame with battery and touchscreen that lets you enjoy photos at home on the couch, or wherever you go.

PhotoSpring 10 Standard Frame (model: PSF-101): A 10in wifi digital picture frame with touchscreen that displays photos like a frame and lets you browse them like an album.

PhotoSpring 8 Portable Frame (model: PS080): A portable 8in wifi digital frame with battery that lets you enjoy photos at home on the couch or wherever you go.

Visit the PhotoSpring website for more information.

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