PipeLaunch Announces Salesforce Thought Leader Ben McCarthy to Join Strategic Advisory Board

PipeLaunch, a leading customer intelligence application for the Salesforce platform, today announced the appointment of Ben McCarthy as an Advisor. Ben is a leader in the Salesforce ecosystem, having worked with the technology for over 10 years, and is the founder of the popular Salesforce media platform, SalesforceBen.com.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ben McCarthy as an advisor to our team at PipeLaunch. Ben’s expertise and leadership in our industry make him a valuable asset to our company as we strive to bring value and innovation to the world’s best CRM platform,” said Ben Ashafa, CEO & Founder of PipeLaunch. “It is an understatement to say that Ben is a leading voice in our ecosystem; with his wealth of knowledge and experience, we are confident he will be an excellent guide as we embark on the next phase of our journey together.”

Salesforce has built up one of the most successful CRM Platforms of all time, alongside a rich ecosystem of app partners through the AppExchange. As an AppExchange partner, PipeLaunch seeks to support organizations to better adopt Salesforce by providing sales users with real-time customer intelligence insights, a Salesforce LinkedIn Integration, and improved data enrichment.

Using his decade of experience with the Salesforce platform and specialist marketing experience, Ben will support PipeLaunch through its next phase of growth as an Advisor.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the PipeLaunch team at the start of their next phase of growth,” said Ben McCarthy, “The first time I saw the PipeLaunch app, I was immediately struck by how much value it could’ve added to all the previous Salesforce implementations I have worked with. I see customer intelligence apps like PipeLaunch being ubiquitous in years to come.”

About PipeLaunch

PipeLaunch is a powerful solution for sales teams looking to boost customer engagement and access valuable data within Salesforce.

By integrating LinkedIn data and company insights, PipeLaunch provides sales teams with their ideal customer profile, suggesting additional matches, email addresses, custom news articles, or technologies in use. With PipeLaunch, sales teams can easily enrich their Salesforce data by adding or updating contacts in one click and receiving notifications about customer job changes, all within their CRM interface.

These features help sales teams better understand and connect with their customers, leading to increased pipeline generation and revenue.

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