Pitbull Token Outlines new Road Map: Beyond the BlockChain

Pitbull Token to introduce new RoadMap by year end into 1Q2022 with major new developments in its ecosystem. The Roadmap will cover new utilities, integration into the Metaverse, gaming industry components, Tier-1 Exchange Listings, and payment collaborations with top NFT & Metaverse company, SNKR WARS. Pitbull will also launch a unique NFT series, offering a unique concept for Crypto Communities together with an online communication media platform for blockchain world, PITMAG.Pitbull Token was one of the first major cryptocurrency projects to hit the blockchain market in early 2021. With the rise of Altcoins, its unique “Tokenomics” utility and dedicated community, the Pitbull Token is quickly becoming an innovator in the crypto sphere with long-term visions that emphasize the success of $PIT, with limitless integrations to come as the project progresses..

Pitbull currently has over 310,000 holders with numbers growing daily. With multifaceted program development and future integrations in the works, what Pitbull has achieved achieved in a short amount of time, indicates that Pitbull stands as a solid milestone in the evolution of the Blockchain era.

Pitbull Token has already proven it is here to stay and intends to be more than a MEME project.. Currently, Pitbull has developed many functional use-cases and Dapps in the ecosystem. With the new gaming model in the Metaverse, unique NFT series, and multiple collaborations, Pitbull is creating a rich and dynamic ecosystem for investors. PitSwap, PitFarm, NFT Farming, PitSafe DeFi Asset Manager, PitStop, PitCharts, PitLottery are just some of the developed Dapps and platforms that are in production by Pitbull Team. With the unique concept of $PIT smart contract, it is one of the safest project. According to the smart contract, the project is automated in such a way that 2% of every transaction spreads to every $PIT holder and another %2 burns in dead addresses. This signifies that anyone who holds the token qualifies for consistent incentives and rewards while in the process, $PIT circulating supply is significantly reduced as the number of dead address holding increases. Considering the design and framework of the platform, it is safe. The community owns it as such, every transaction contributes to the LP, which the contract locks permanently.

Pitbull Token’s Roadmap adapts to a constantly developing cryptocurrency technology. The Roadmap is proof that Pitbull will be blazing the trail in several areas. Noteworthy points in the upcoming quarter include: PitGames, a Gaming platform in the Metaverse, Payment Collaboration with SNKR WARS, rare NFT series with special characters, PitMag online interactive crypto magazine. PITGames will allow gamers to pick up items in Augmented Reality AR & Metaverse to get real-life rewards as well as donations to be used globally in vet clinics, shelters.

The Roadmap boasts the collaboration with SNKR WARS https://www.snkrwars.com , a unique ecosystem where blockchain meets physical sneakers in Metaverse as NFT. SNKR WARS will be adding PITBULL Token as a payment method. Their only current payment method is in SOLANA. $PIT will be second to $SOL in SNKRWARS Metaverse World.

Following up, Tier-1 Exchange listings and new Pitbull projects are outstanding such as PitDao, PitMag, PitNFTs and much more creative functional products. There will be top exchange listings in the following stages. Pitbull`s great success has been due to strong fundamentals and wide ecosystem rather than hype or exchange listings. As PIT fundamental is key point, Pitbull seems to knock exchanges` doors confidently.

Among upcoming projects, the most prominent is PITMAG, the first communication media by a token. This brand new platform aims to keep the whole community informed about what is hot in the crypto world. From NFTs, currency analysis to world news, special events, and interviews with teams, influencers. PitMag stands as a milestone and game-changer for the crypto-world.

One of the DApps of Pitbull is PitSafe, a comprehensive BSC DeFi Asset Manager where investors who have $PIT in their wallets can obtain in-depth information about each token on the BSC. With the upcoming update following quarters, PitSafe will support ETHEREUM, KUCOINCHAIN, CARDANO, and SOLANA projects. It looks like Pitbull will deliver more than its RoadMap in time and surprise investors. Pitbull is inviting blockchain world to immerse into its ecosystem.

Immerse into Pitbull`s road map in this link: https://www.pitbull.community/#roadMapSection

Visit Pitbull official website: https://pitbull.community/

Linktree for all important links for $PIT: https://linktr.ee/PitbullTokenCommunity
Discover more on Twitter: https://medium.com/pit-bsc-community
Pitbull on Medium: https://twitter.com/BscPitbull

What has Pitbull developed so far?

PitSwap – A swap platform that will allow users to swap their tokens for PIT or any other token on the Binance Smart Chain.)


PitFarm – A new hub for NFT projects. Users can buy NFTs directly or earn them by staking

PitSafe A DeFi Asset and Security Manager Dapp for Major Blockchain projects.


PitCharts – A charting platform that allows users to chart and analyze ALL BSC tokens with the adaptation of TradingView


PitTracker – A platform where investors follow can track their wallet’s PIT balance, rewards, and stats.

PitLottery A platform where users can play the lottery to multiply their holdings while helping the community to grow with the income

Authored by: Qurpi G.
Contact: business@pitbull.community
Pitbull official website: https://pitbull.community/


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