Play to Earn Gaming: EverestCoin Eyes 21st of September for BSC Token Launch, Releases 2D Game Guide

The newly growing company known as EverestCoin is releasing their very first draft of a 2D player guide for its highly anticipated Play To Earn Game ahead of its expected token launch.

This young group of ambitious creators have barely been out for over a month and have already managed to get their own personal website launched as well as set up a presale to whitelist those of the community who are eager to get involved.

From what we’ve managed to gather, the game will be set within the chilling regions of the Himalayas, with the center focus, of course, being Mount Everest, where players will have to traverse and scale along the mountain in order to reach the top while learning to adapt to everything that it has to throw at them.

There will be a large selection of choices for the player to make in order to give a unique experience to anyone who plays, whether that be the kind of character they choose to play as or the type of gear they choose to utilize. The current game mechanics that are known to be in production involve base building, hunting, farming, and plenty more that they plan to surprise us with!

And if that isn’t enough to peak your interest, there’s the to be launched token that will only enhance the gaming experience by unlocking exclusive features within the game! 

Aside from our own interest in what’s to come, the anticipation of what this company has the potential to offer has managed to get EverestCoin featured within one of Forbes Magazine’s most recent reports!

With so much in store for the game, the token, and the community rising around, there is plenty to look forward to as they continue with their ongoing development. With so much to see and so much to expect, there are bound to be frequent updates, so stay tuned and keep watching to be ready for when we get the chance to experience it all for ourselves when it launches later this year!

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