Positive and Unforgettable Impact on Over 6000 Young People

Steve Ly has many passions, but one passion that Steve Ly holds dearly is education.

Steve Ly has devoted his professional career to educating the youth and building communities that help them thrive. He wants to see every single young person succeed in life. Steve has counseled disenfranchised students in Juvenile Hall and foster care for over 25 years. He’s made a tremendous positive and unforgettable impact on over 6000 young people since beginning his career in 1996. It’s just one of the examples of how he has earned the respect of all citizens in Sacramento County.

Steve Ly doesn’t just do this by mentoring young people. He has led the restoration of freshmen sports, K-12 library technicians, and bilingual teaching associates. While on the school board, he promoted transparency by supporting televised school board meetings.  He also encouraged collaboration and public involvement by holding school board meetings at different sites.  Additionally, he helped ensure all stakeholders were included in the search and employment of Elk Grove Unified School District’s new Superintendent.

This forward-thinking makes Steve Ly the most qualified candidate for Sacramento County Supervisor. He has a proven track record of delivering quality educational outcomes for the communities he serves. In addition, he has helped establish over 25 amenities, thousands of jobs, and reduced crime to record lows.\

When it comes to the D-5 County Supervisor seat, experience matters. The people need someone who will deliver results for them and their children. They need Steve Ly.

Experience Matters.  For reliable and accurate information about Steve Ly, go to: https://supervisorstevely.com

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