Preply Now Offers Over 900 Conversational French Teachers Online

The growing interest in the subject of foreign languages has meant that Brookline, MA-based company Preply has increased its selection of conversational French teachers. With students from all walks of life looking to improve their French skills, the presence of hundreds of tutors on this platform makes it all the more easier to find the right one.

Why Do More People Want to Practise Conversational French?

Conversational French is a popular subject because there are so many diverse purposes for this dialect: it comes in handy for those who want to speak the language informally on their travels and also for others who work internationally and must command a fluency in conversational French. However, it’s also a resume-boosting skill that can enhance career prospects.

French is the fifth most-spoken language on Earth, behind only English, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish in terms of the number of people who use it. Nonetheless, this is largely due to the fact that French is one of the most popular second languages studied across the globe, as only around 76 million native speakers are included in the overall total of the 300 million people who speak it.

The need to speak fluently in different situations is the key aspect for many of these non-native speakers, as French is widely used in areas such as hospitality and tourism, fashion, and diplomacy. English is generally considered to be the only truly global language in the 21st century, but French is another strong contender, as it is the only other tongue spoken on anofficial basis on all five continents.

Preply Increases the Number of Tutors

The online learning platform offered by Preply uses a one-to-one teaching basis, where the student chooses their tutor and the times of their classes. The increasing demand for French lessons led to Preply boosting the number ofFrench teachers available on this platform to more than 900, simply to accommodate the sheer level of interest from prospective students.

A Preply spokesperson confirmed that their expanded range of tutors includes “native speakers from a wide selection of different countries and professional backgrounds”. With a variety of rates and availability listed on the site, it is easy for newcomers to find the right option for their learning style/needs and get started with no delays and at a time of their convenience.

About Preply

Having been founded in 2003, Preply has opened offices in Ukraine and Spain, while growing their number of employees to a total of more than 300. Together with language classes in English, Spanish, Italian, and more, the platform also puts students in contact with tutors in other subjects like accounting, economics, and history.


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